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Breakout Incomes


Breakout Incomes is another make money online course developed by Pro Advantage 90. Just like with their previous course, Power Seller Secrets, this one also focuses on earning an income as a drop shipper working on eBay.

For this new product they are using a virtually identical sales page and making the same exaggerated promises of easy wealth. They claim that you can make up to $379 a day working only for one hour. On top of that they falsely make you believe that the program is only limited to 15 people per city.

There are other examples of these types of exaggerations found throughout the page and they’re all used to make you believe that this is a very simple endeavor that requires absolutely no experience or any kind of special skills.

So is Breakout Incomes a Scam?

The opportunity that they are offering you is not a scam. Drop shipping is a legitimate business and allows you to market products on online auctions without actually having to store or ship the items. While this is definitely convenient it also means that the drop shipper, in this case, is cutting into your profits.

The other difficulties with running a drop shipping business is that you are competing on a global scale, and with so many competitors selling the exact same products the winner is always the one that can offer the product at the lowest price.

This business can be profitable but you need to make sure to learn as much as you can about it and understand what you need to do in order to make it work. In most cases it requires extra effort and going above and beyond what your competition is doing.

Some Things to Watch Out For…

Breakout Incomes does offer a money back guarantee but you need to make sure that you have met their requirements in order to qualify.

In order to be eligible for the Money Back Guarantee, the customer must have logged into the system, and must contact us within their 7 day evaluation period.

Also keep in mind your evaluation period starts the moment your payment goes through. If you need to reach customer service their listed number is: 1(888)-702-7632 and email address is: [email protected]

Finally, you can expect to receive a call from a “business consultant” as part of your free consultation with a Power Seller Expert. In many cases companies like Breakout Incomes sell leads to third party coaching businesses who’ll try to sell you their services at costs in the several thousands.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Breakout Incomes " is 1.08 out of 5 based on 36 reviews.
  • These scum are (1) liars. (2) fraudsters and (3) criminals. It is illegal to hack into other people's email.

    Has anyone a phone number of theirs that DOES work without endless delay, hang on, leave a message etc? I want to relieve my feelings by telling some of their does
  • Total scam I lost my money and they are using email for spam. You cant even log in to the site their support email is bogus
  • Dam it I wish I found this before I singed up last Thurs! I checked the BBB and didn't see anything on there about them! But I got a call today from a guy there and he wanted more funds from me bottom line!! Says he'll call me back in 30 days to see if I would have it! Ummm nope I wont! Im now starting to get a refund!! I hope I do!! Cuz for my family thats alot of cash to lose out on!!
  • this thing is a total scam. It is a shame that the police cannot come in and put some order into the situation. These people..Break out Incomes ..have hacked into my e-mail adress book...sent everyone an exciting letter about this golden is a complete scam. they have even caused family disturbances as one brother got highly agintated thinking I was inviting him in for a scam. I would sue the company if I knew how...they are criminals...

  • I received a forwarded email from my mother who received an email from one of her close friends. She wanted me to check it out first. I wish I never clicked on the link because now I think they may have hacked my email and facebook page. I had my FB on a security lock so whenever I logged on it always asked for me to verify where I was logging in. When I logged on after I stupidly signed up for this dumb company they hacked my security settings on FB! I immediately deleted my email contacts in my email list so they don't get spammed! I also changed my passwords so that they can't continue to hack my email and Facebook page! I just hope people (my friends and family) don't get spammed by me! ARGH! Thank you to the comments below for making me AWARE of this hoax and scam! All the best to those trying to get money back from those lying thieves!
  • I was suspect when i read the ad on the internet and did not finish the application. I did get a call the next day from their rep dropping the price to $27.00. I said what the heck and signed up for that price. My card was charged immediately! Later that afternoon my computer was hacked and my email contact list were copied and emails using my name were sent to all of my contacts. It also added approximately 12 names to my email list! I had to send an email to all of my contacts warning them not to open the link. (i used the subject line with my message) once you open it they hack your email address and so on. My fire wall stopped 20 of the their emails resulting in 20 "mailer damon" on my inbox. I should have known better, especially noticing that the hick that called me had not finished the 5th grade. She then put her "supervisor" on the line, who sounded like she had not bothered to even complete to the 1st grade,. The supervisor labored through all my questions and assured me that the site was "secure". I ended up having to change my email address to stop the vicious circle of emails. From now on i will get reviews before i get scammed like this again.
    • Same thing happened to me - my entire contact list was compromised and I had to change my e-mail address, etc. Even my church got the e-mails!!! You'd think as old as I am I would know better by now - I called them and told them I thought it was a scam and I called my CC but to no avail. To late. Wish I found this site first! Oh well - live and learn and one more scammer wins!!
  • I fell for this scam as it was sent to me by a very close friend in email. You'll need to go through your banks claims department immediately to get your money back as the company does not answer phones or respond to emails. Good luck.
    • Yes, that is exactly what happened to me! I read this review because I thought,"If something seems too good to be true, it probably is." Point Proved.
  • Thank you to everyone on this site (with the exception of sale pro). Someone hacked into my moms email account and sent the message to me. I almost signed up for it but called my mom first. She advised that I contact Clark Howard to make sure it was legitimate. While waiting for their response i googled the company and found your reviews. Thank you for saving me $99. And sale pro, if you're the only one on this review site that proclaims to have made money off of drop shipping, maybe you're the whack person hacking into our email accounts stealing everyone's money!!
  • I have been confronted with all the bad experiences already listed - don't understand how these people can live with the guilt of doing what they do. I did call the Federal Trade Commission at 877-382-4357 and plan on filing a scam report with FBI too at, hopefully if enough people do this - people like this can be gotten rid of. DON'T FALL FOR IT - IT IS A LOT OF AGGRAVATION.
  • This company is a scam that approaches you through a friends email they have managed to hack into so you think it is coming from someone who knows this company. I sent emails and spoke on the phone with someone who called me a day after I had submitted my payment. He said he was from advanced learning and he was following up on my breakout incomes purchase. when I questioned him about the emails I had sent regarding a refund he told me I would need to speak to customer service. When I asked to be connected he said he was not able to. When I asked for a name he did not have one to provide. I have his number though and I will be doing everything in my power to pursue this from a legal point of view.
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