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Build Lasting is a prepaid legal services company that also offers a work from home business opportunity.  First, you should know that prepaid legal services is a legitimate industry, that allows you to have access to legal professionals for an affordable monthly rate.

Prepaid legal services provides individuals and small businesses who can’t afford having a lawyer on retainer or who may not be able to afford the high legal fees in the event they need advice or even a legal letter sent access to decent legal assistance.

The business opportunity offered by Build Lasting Success is simply to be a recruiter for Build Lasting Success and their prepaid legal services.  Like any other multi-level marketing opportunity, your initial job is to simply sign up members for the Build Lasting Success prepaid legal services, however, you are also compensated for every member that you sign up as another associate for recruiting.

When you sign up with you are given a choice of types of accounts.  You can either choose their Basic Account, which provides you with your own website, the Build Lasting Success marketing presentation, and pre-written telephone scripts you may use when speaking with customers.  In addition, the Basic Account has limited other features and is completely free.

However, Build Lasting Success also has a Professional Account, which costs $24.95 a month and has a long list of advanced features.  If you are considering looking at for a business opportunity, they allow you to sign up free for 30 days for a basic introduction to their services and business opportunity.

Unlike many other companies that claim to need your credit card number for a “processing fee” and then charge you extra costs and fees, Build Lasting Success requires no credit card information to begin your 30 day free trial.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • I've used for a while, and I love everything that it does for independent associates. I used to have a problem figuring out what to say over the phone to my prospects. Now, it's very easy with the phone scripts from
  • I signed up, created a login name and id, put my credit card in.

    I tried to sign up again, bt could not log in, I tried to say I forgot my password and it said my password change will be in my inbox. I cannot fing the password change anywhere.

    i then tried to find a phone number to call. There is no number on website, there is no number when I google. PLEASE PLEASE help me to get some help here!
  • I am currently a LegalShield associate and contacted BLS about their website for marketing my business online as I like their concept, however I cannot get the site to redirect when prompted to do so. Also when trying to log on their site a warning pop up warned me about possible phlishing. I can only hope that BLS will contact me to straighten this out, if I'm part of your team I can understand why I would not be allowed the marketing system. my ticket # (support request) is 56805 May 29 2015
  • Man.. I'm not looking to make a million dollars a month. Not even 10,000 a month online. If I can find a website where I can make at least 300 dollar a month then I am a happy man. Serious, is this too much to ask? Anybody experience with real internet making sites? There are over trillions of website, and I know at least 100 of them are legit.. It's hard finding a job and if I can make at least 300 dollar month online, I'm very satisfied.
  • What this site does not tell you is that the person running it, one "Clyde Benson" is a welfare recipient and has no money to loan people with pending litigation as the site promises. He is scamming people only so he can get your fee and then tell you that your loan is unprofitable or that your case does not guarantee you a win or a settlement. This is a scam from the word go! Do not waste your time or your money on this crock!

    • What does being a welfare recipient have to do with it? If he created a great workable site I say congratulations! He wins and we who use the site wins too. We are legal shield remember? He would not be stupid enough to scam lawyers.
    • And you are a credible source how? Maybe you are part of a different MLM that feels threatened because ours is better? :O
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