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from 87 reviews Review It, established in 2009, allows people to buy or sell gift cards in one of the largest and fastest growing gift card exchanges on the internet today.

Unlike other gift card exchanges, Cardpool buys gift cards directly from you, which gives them the ability to verify the balance and authenticity of the card, and then holds it until someone wishes to purchase it from them.

They purchase gift cards at up to 92% of their value, and sellers will receive their payment within 24 hours of when receives the gift card.

Those looking to buy cards from will find a large variety available at up to 35% off. All gift cards are shipped USPS first class and arrive within 3-7 days. Electronic gift cards will be emailed within 24 hours of purchase. does not charge any taxes, fees, or shipping costs, so the advertised price of the card is the only price you pay.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Cardpool " is 2.54 out of 5 based on 87 reviews.
  • Payment within 24 hours? Wrong scam site with false advertising they will not pay you for the card it’s a fact that this site Is a scam, don’t make the same mistake and sell your gift card somewhere else
  • I "sold" a gift card to Cardpool in April of 2019. It is now September of 2019. I e-mailed the company multiple times with no response, before I finally filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in July. The BBB was unable to get any response from the company to resolve my complaint. It is apparent that this is not a re-selling company, it is a scam to acquire free gift cards and sell them for pure profit. Utterly despicable, I'm not sure how they are still around.
  • Unfortunately, ordered a $150 GC that needed up with a zero balance. Tried to contact them with no response. Ended up having to do a charge off through my bank and THEN discovered it was marked as a recurring charge. So glad I caught this and dealt with it early. Really sad this didn’t work out as the idea of the program is really valid... just not with cardpool.
  • Sold a $25 PaPa Johns gift card to CardPool on 01/06/2019. As of April 6th, 2019 have yet to receive the Amazon gift card they promised me. I have e-mailed 5 times over the past few months and always get an automated response saying they will get back to me in a few days but they don't. Notified the BBB who attempted to contact the company but were unsuccessful. They probably honor a few transactions to keep the sham going but they are flat out stealing from people. I don't buy the back log story from a change of ownership at this point either. CardPool knows perfectly well that are playing a con game which is why they won't respond to to the BBB or the customers whom they've scammed.
  • They advertise then don't deliver. No response to email questions, no telephone number to call for help or questions. BAD customer service.
  • I sent 2 emails for help, 2 weeks ago, they will not respond. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE COMPANY. I received no gift card, but they had no problem charging me. They have no phone number, and their email support goes unanswered. Worst company and worst customer service ever. Please stay away. Do not give them business. They do not deserve to be in business. Cardpool is a website that sells discounted gift cards. They immediately charge your card but do not send out the gift cards, if they get lost in the mail, you have no recourse, they will not respond to email help. And you cannot call them.
  • This is a pretty simple review. I bought one card from this website and actually did receive the card, but they put a monthly recurring charge of $46.50 on my credit card. I've called several times and left a message for someone to return my call, but haven't heard from anyone.

  • Cardpool is a bogus/ scam.. i sold my nordstrom card to them and promised me to get paid after 2 months still didnt gey paid..they said it maybe lost from the mail..2 checks got lost from the mail..i asked them to just give me vack my giftgard or pay me any gift card and they said they cannot do that..they can only do is cancel thw checks and wait and wait i dont know how do not sell your gift cards here..scammmmmmm!!!!!
  • Cardpool promises a lot up front, but after you give them your credit card they turn into the DMV.

    Before buying an emailed "instant" gift card realize that its not going to be there for up to one business day and that they may ask for additional information while tying up your money with a live charge.

    I needed to buy some merchandise from an online retailer that was time sensitive relative to available stock and pricing. Cardpool, again before they take your credit card, promises instant access to your gift card. In fact the gift cards are labeled "instant" on their site.

    Unfortunately, instant does not mean the same thing to them as after your transaction goes through you do not get a gift card as promised but rather a page saying it can take up to a full business day and maybe longer for you to get your "immediate" delivery of the gift card.

    It is very disappointing that there are still vendors out there using deceptive trade practices and I regret not doing more due diligence before giving them my credit card.
  • This site is a COMPLETE SCAM!!! I tried selling a Walmart gift card with $475.00 on it, and their sketchy risk assessment team denied the transaction multiple times "due to reasons they can't provide" so I check the balance of my gift card a few days later, "the remaining balance on this card is zero dollars and zero cents. Hmmm.... I wonder who stole my money??? These people or rather thieves do not operate a trustworthy business, they are just a bunch of online hackers and scammers. If I could just meet the responsible person face to face...... STAY AWAY!!!!
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