Careers at Home University Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Careers at Home University is a new work at home training program being promoted by spokeswoman Melissa Mayer, who claims that anyone can make money with this program regardless of experience.

Melissa Mayer makes the claim that within three months of beginning this opportunity, she was able to quit her regular day jobs and make more than double her salary with just four hours of work a day.

Currently this program is priced at a one time fee of $97, though the website warns that their materials are worth more than $2000 and eventually they will add on a monthly membership fee to their overall cost.

What is Careers at Home University?

This is a training program whose goal is to teach you how to make money using a form of affiliate marketing called link posting. This is when you post links online for the goods and services of a partner company and earn a commission when they make a sale.

Careers at Home University works hard to make it seem like affiliate marketing and link posting is a type of “job” you can have, where you perform standardized tasks and receive a dependable amount of money in return.

In reality, this opportunity is an independently owned business opportunity – it is not a traditional job, where you will be working for a company and earning a reliable wage, which is not exactly how it is being portrayed by this website.

What You Should Be Concerned About

According to, all you need to do is follow three easy steps, and in “one or two minutes” you’ve earned $15. They say that with just an hour of work a day, you can earn $58,000 per year.

Sadly, that is not how affiliate marketing works at all. That is an extremely slimmed down, oversimplified representation of this work that is intended to sell training programs, not to give people an honest understanding of what this type of business entails.

Like any other business, it often takes a lot of time, effort, and even money invested into a business for a long period of time – often much longer than three months – before you are earning a steady income equivalent to a traditional salaried day job.

Customers who are interested in trying this program should know that they do claim to offer a 60 day refund, but that these refunds are at their discretion.

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