Easy Cash on Demand Reviews – Legit or Scam?

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Cash on Demand, at EasyCashOnDemand.com, is a new work at home opportunity which claims that anyone can make money with their system, earning up to $379 per day.

Though Cash on Demand is not clear about what type of business opportunity you will be purchasing, they do say that it is not an MLM, a data entry or envelope stuffing job, or a rebate processing scam.

But for just $19.97, which is the discounted price off the original $39.97, you will receive the necessary training guides and tutorials, a money making website, and a one-on-one training consultation with an experienced associate.

Warning Signs

It is a good rule of thumb when looking for job opportunities online to never give your credit card number to a person or company unless you know exactly what you will be getting in return.

The fact that Cash on Demand does not explain their business opportunity unless you have already given them access to your credit or debit card is a very bad sign.

In addition, one of the things they offer you with your purchase of the Cash on Demand program is an “Automated Money Making Website.” Generally, when it comes to working from home, using a pre-fabricated website is one of the worst ideas out there.

Making money on the internet comes from being able to distinguish yourself from your competitors, but if you and every other member of Cash on Demand have the same website, there is no real way to do that.

Also, when a company provides you with a website, it means they own that site. So if you ever decide you want to break away from Cash on Demand, your website and all your work belongs to them.

Is There Good News?

If you have already purchased Cash on Demand and are unhappy with what you have received, there is a small bit of good news.

EasyCashOnDemand.com uses Clickbank as their payment processor. Clickbank is a third party processor who offers a 60 day guaranteed, no questions asked refund if you are unhappy with what you receive.

If you're at OpportunityChecker.com because you are looking for a way to make money online then check out our article "7 Ways to Make Money Online" - methods that anyone can use to earn an income from home.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Cash on Demand " is 1.6 out of 5 based on 10 reviews.
  • Thanks for the heads up! I'm just now in the past month or two, after decades and 100s of 1000s of dollars, learned to stop and look up these crooks with their so called money making skills...and I must say it as it's not just a forest but a jungle out of there! Thanks you saved me money and heartache with your review. Thought I'd let you know that your review was effective. Thanks, Jude
  • You guys suck. Your karma will get you.
  • Good Morning,

    My name is Robby, I have been doing these surveys for around 2-3 months and I have not received any compensation at all, so I will say that they are a scam, don't waste your time on this if you need to make cash.

    • Once you join just one of these then they flood your phone text messaging and emailing you constantly with more and more companies and even might be the same company with different names who knows all I know is I wish I never gave them my information because all of them I found out or nothing but a bunch of scammers it just ask for more and more money they started off to get you in the door but the low cost and then they start charging you the big money to buy ad campaigns that become very costly. Be careful I found out the hard way they make it so enticing for people that are trying to make money quickly cuz they're in a bind and they suck your guts out once you join one of them no. The only one that makes money as them they got a good racket going on. The FBI and the FTC should put them to a stop ASAP before more people get scammed. The truth is the truth sorry to tell you all this. Hope this helps the next person before they put their foot in the door.
  • They gave me 200 dollars and I was able to pay a bill and I had money left over to spin on myself.
    • Allyson can you give an update on your ongoing experience with this company and the name of the company? Because $200 is not much considering what they claim to pay. Can you explain how this works? Do you have to pay for ad campaigns? There's a lot of people that would really like these it questions answered since there's a lot of people out there that really need money badly especially since we may be going into a recession soon. Many people out there are looking for something legit to do that makes good money to get out of debt or whatever their situation maybe maybe they need a car maybe they lost their job and they're living on some savings and they're about to end up in the street. Companies like this thrive on people in bad and desperate situations. So maybe you could shed some light on this company. I'm sure many people would appreciate the info.
  • They emailed me and told me that i had earn some money and i hit the email link they sent me to collect and i cant ecen collect it i think this is a scam
  • They say I have a pay check for $799 and I have not been paid yet.
  • Esto va para mis colegas hispanos. Easy Cash on demand es una estafa, no le crean en su oportunidad de hacer dinero desde casa usando la Internet. Te ofrecen por un pago inocente de 4,97 dólares un supuesto entrenamiento y después ves en tu estado de cuentas que te han cobrado $77 porque según ellos después de tres días sin cancelar tu cuenta caes en una suscripción que tu nunca te enterastes que existía y ahí está la estafa. Nunca recibes el supuesto entrenamiento, y además haces un pago del cual te enteras cuando revisas tu estado de cuentas. Nunca, repito nunca provean su información a ninguna compañía que ustedes no conozcan.
  • They put out a special for $ 4,97, Very little of anything

    was shown, so there is no information of what they are going to do.

    only makes so much profit per day. No names, Telephone numbers

    given, Only limited the time to pay, it shut off a few times. It

    showed the payment, but noit who got it.

    I am going to try Click Bank, although that was not mentioned.

    so far it looks bad, just after a few dollors. and an outright

    scam, most things were hid.
  • ok i want to complet my membership enrolment.
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