Cash With Matt Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Cash with Matt, found online at, is a new work at home company which claims that they can provide people with a full time income while working just part time from home.

The video presentation on this website says that they understand that many people believe that earning money online simply won’t work for them, but the Cash with Matt program promises that it can be used by literally anyone to earn money.

Customers who are interested in this work from home program are able to purchase their own “blueprint” or training program right now for just a one-time fee of $37.00.

The Promises

According to the video presentation on this website, many people have tried internet based work at home programs before and have failed to find success, which have convinced them that in order to be successful with online work you must have some sort of serious computer experience.

The video presentation says that this simple isn’t true. The reality is that their methods of earning money online that are “foolproof” and “guaranteed,” and they can provide you with a quick six step method that will definitely bring you earning success.

In fact, the website says that their members are guaranteed to earn a minimum of $500 in just their first month using this program, and that almost all of their customers will be able to earn six figure incomes in the first year of using their program.

The Problems

There are so many problems with this program it is difficult to know where to begin. The first problem is the fact that they expect people to pay for this program when they simply don’t provide any details whatsoever about the type of work this program is supposed to teach you to do.

Instead, they provide two different web presentations that simply repeat over and over again how easy their system is to use and how much money it is “guaranteed” to earn you. In fact, they use the word “guaranteed” almost every time they discuss the earnings their customers can make from this program.

The problem is that no independent business opportunity can “guarantee” you earnings. A quick glance at their Earnings Disclaimer confirms this – this Disclaimer attempts to say that their website makes “no claims” about earnings, and any “references to earnings” made on their website are examples of the most exceptional results.

The fact that this company presents two different videos that make multiple statements about “guaranteed” earnings and then uses legal documents to say that customers understand that they never made claims about earnings is not just offensive, but it pretty much “guarantees” that this is unethical, scam opportunity that should be avoided at all costs.

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