Reviews – Legit or Scam?
No Reviews Yet Review It is the online home of Cash Extractor, a new type of software that claims to create money making websites for its users, completely free of charge, no credit card required.

The Cash Extractor software is described as being similar to boxed cake mix, where all the main ingredients are included and ready to mix. All you have to do is add water to have a successful recipe.

According to their website, this software is set up the same way. Users can create multiple different money making websites with just a few clicks, and these websites will be completely automated for making money – all you have to do is bring the people to the site.

How It Works

Each website that you create using the software from will come “pre-loaded” with money making links set up on their pages. When the people who click these links purchase products, you will earn commissions on their sales.

It won’t be your job to provide products or to process orders. The company you make the websites for will make the sales, deliver the products, manage customer service, and then pay you the commissions. Your job is just to get people to your websites.

People who have experience working online realize that getting traffic to your websites is often the most difficult part of making money online. But says they have an answer for that as well.

The Trick

The video presentation on their website says that there are many websites online where you are allowed to advertise for free, and which have such a high volume of visitors that taking just a couple minutes to promote your site will result in traffic to your sites immediately. offers a guide to the 100 Places You Can Advertise for Free. They say these 100 websites get a combined total of 78 million visitors a year, and you can reach them all for free. They are selling this guide for just $7.

While this guide seems inexpensive and may be worthwhile for some customers to try, there isn’t much more information regarding any potential upgrades or extra investments regarding the guide or the software.

But a company which says they will provide you with free websites and a guide to advertising for $7 and that will pay commissions between $100 and $1000 will likely require more investments than are being stated. Customers should be aware of this before beginning.

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