Cell Phone Cash Reviews – Legit or Scam?

cell phone cashMach Michaels, creator of Maverick Money Makers, has once again made internet marketing headlines with the release of his newest training course, Cell Phone Cash. In this latest program he aims to teach people how to make a boatload of money tapping into the underutilized yet massive cell phone market.

This course has been promoted by pretty much every single known internet marketing Guru and as a result there are tons of opinions out there about the program. The downside of such overexposure is that it’s difficult to find real honest info about the benefits of Cell Phone Cash when everyone out there is just trying to make a buck through their affiliate links.

It’s not hard to tell who’s simply promoting the course in hopes of making money and who’s actually using the product as indicated. The sad fact is that most marketers, top gurus included, are simply pushing the product because it’s hot, without any regard for their customers’ satisfaction.

The truth is that not everyone finds Mach Michaels’ materials helpful and his last course, Maverick Money Makers has received mixed results. This is why it’s important to get all the facts first and then decide whether the course is right for you, and if you can actually see yourself using it to make money.

What’s the Cell Phone Cash System All About?

The concept of the course is to show you how to take internet marketing mobile. As cell phones like the iPhone become more powerful and more affordable, this is clearly the next frontier of marketing. The idea is to market affiliate offers through a mobile based ad platform and make money on commissions.

Here’s where it gets tricky: the Cell Phone Cash course is being blasted to millions of email addresses and advertised on tons of sites to regular people – Not Marketers. So the average person sees the ad, “Make $3,000+ from simple cell phone system” and thinks, “Maybe I can do this.”

In reality, you’d need an understanding of pre-mobile internet marketing to even have a slim chance of making this system work for you. If you have used Google AdWords or other Pay Per Click advertising systems in the past you have a much better chance of succeeding.

Because the Cell Phone Cash program is exactly that – buying mobile ads and having cell phone users click, buy, or sign-up for offers. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if you weren’t able to do this with traditional marketing then you have no business attempting to make money in the newest, untested, and more technologically advanced mobile marketplace.

To those who feel like they have a handle on marketing and are willing to pioneer this latest opportunity, there are some things to keep in mind.

Training Modules and Mobile Marketing Strategies…

Like his previous course, Cell Phone Cash is a video based training course that’s split into 7 modules. There is a lot of controversy about how these modules are distributed. The course is listed at $24.97 but there is actually a monthly fee of $24.97 as well.

The way it works is that you only get a handful of training videos at a time and the rest are released on a weekly schedule. Proponents of Cell Phone Cash claim that this is done to keep you from getting overwhelmed and to keep you on track. The obvious assumption is that it’s done to keep you signed on for as many months as possible and increase the total amount you’ll pay for the system.

However, if you are experienced in Internet marketing and can make the system work for you, then the cost and the video distribution seem worth it. And since it’s a ClickBank product, you always have the option of canceling – no questions asked – whenever you like.

Here’s Where it Gets Hazy…

The problem with this method of drip feeding info is that it doesn’t stop people from applying the system before they’ve gotten all the pieces of the puzzle; the results, as expected, are disastrous.

Mach Michaels directs people to AdMob, a mobile advertising service like Google AdWords, instructing them to purchase ad clicks to several product offers. So far, based on customer feedback, the majority of people have experienced very similar results.

In the course of roughly one hour they get several hundred clicks, 0-1 sales, and the result is an operational loss of $30-$40 depending on what they were selling. This is why I believe the course should not be sold to marketing newbies.

There are people who have reported making money with Cell Phone Cash but they were able to modify the system using previous marketing skills and knowledge, while the beginners are out there blowing through their ad budgets without knowing if the things they’re promoting are made for mobile devices.

So is Cell Phone Cash a Scam…?

The answer is it’s hard to say. Since the info is split up into multiple weeks the majority of negative reports are based on what was presented in the early stages. Since it’s such a new product there are few people who have stayed the course all the way through. In addition, after initial failures most people either cancel the coaching or don’t have enough funds to continue.

Bottom line is if you’re expecting some kind of get rich overnight miracle then think again. This course does shine light on a developing market which can and will yield huge profits, but if you don’t have an advertising budget and no experience with internet marketing I would recommend trying a more beginner friendly product instead of Cell Phone Cash.

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  • Rip off!! They don't pay any money. Cost me $11 to ship them my old phones and Here is what they just replied with:

    Order Number Order Date 2/7/2012 Order Status Order Adjusted - Please email us if you accept or reject the new offer Store Comments 2/7/2012 9:17:30 AM

    There is no Treo 700 and adventure in the package, the phone we received is T720 and V750 phone which we do not accept, your order has adjusted.

    2/20/2012 9:21:00 PM Order Status : Phone(s) Received, inspecting phone(s)

    The phone listed below did not meet the Condition requirements

    We've recalculated the original quote for this item for the following reason:

    V750 x 1 - Not in list. New offer: $0, we'll recycle the phone free of charge.

    T720 x 1 - Not in list. New offer: $0, we'll recycle the phone free of charge.

    XV6800 x 1 - cracked LCD. New offer: $0, we'll recycle the phone free of charge.

    XV6975 x 1 - Defected battery. New offer: $0, we'll recycle the phone free of charge.

    Please email and inform us if you want to accept or reject the new quote within (5) days from today (3-6-12).

    If you accept the new quote, we will continue to process your order and you will be paid the new quote.

    If you chose to reject the new quote, Phoneiscash.com will return the item to you if request at your own expense.

    If the new quote is neither accepted nor rejected ( no reply from you ) after the 5 days, Phoneiscash.com will assume acceptance of the new offer. 3/6/2012 9:10:30 AM Order Status : Order Adjusted - Please email us if you accept or reject the new offer
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