Cell Phone Glitch Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Cell Phone Glitch is the latest course to jump on the mobile marketing bandwagon. Similar to Cell Phone Cash, these guys claim they’re making lots of money in the smart phone niche.  The latest trend in internet marketing and make money online opportunities has been to target mobile phone users, specifically “smart” phones like the iPhone.

What’s going on is that traditional internet marketing techniques are being applied to the mobile market.  So much like with search engines, companies are now paying top dollar to advertise directly to peoples’ phones.

The most effective way for them to do that has been through the massive software applications market; there are millions of downloads of both free and paid apps for these phones.  You can find games, tutorials, recipes – almost anything you can imagine to download for your phone and this is quickly becoming a booming market.

Many of the apps now come with advertisements, which you may already have noticed; I recently did while using a popular sports score app for my iPhone.  Much like with Google’s Pay-Per-Click advertising, marketers are now buying ad spots directly on apps through several companies.

This is where courses like Cell Phone Glitch come in.  In this case their method is slightly different, as they are selling a “Business in a Box” type of program.  They set you up with a simple website that directs customers to purchase an apps package for $49.95, of that amount your referral commission is 75% or $35.00.  The package they want you to be an affiliate for promises smart phone users the ability to download unlimited apps, music, and movies for a one time upfront fee.

Cell Phone Glitch will show you where to advertise your offers; they say they’re targeting free online classifieds which is good since you won’t have to spend money on getting traffic.  However, those sites don’t receive that many visitors so you may have to do some Pay-Per-Click advertising with the major search engines.

So is Cell Phone Glitch a Scam…?

I think the success of the Cell Phone Glitch system rests solely with the quality and demand level of the software applications product they’re selling.  I haven’t used it so I can’t comment on its worth, but I can tell you this with 100% certainty: if it’s a quickly thrown together junk product then you’ll make no money with this method.

You may get a lot of sales upfront but they’ll be quickly taken away as the charge backs and refunds start rolling in.  Since Cell Phone Glitch is recommending selling a product on Clickbank it better be worth its salt since CB offers no questions asked refunds on all their merchandise.

Technically, if you know how to setup a blog or website then you don’t need Cell Phone Glitch at all.  You can create a ClickBank account for free and start marketing these offers on your own – you  just need to find the right products to market for your website.

One word of caution, I would recommend researching the “apps” niche first, especially before doing any kind of paid advertising.  I’ve never marketed smart phone products so I can’t say if there’s a demand for this type of product or not.  I do know that ClickBank earnings can easily be faked and misrepresented so I wouldn’t go by that info alone.

Also, it’s a bit worrying that there are so many different names and websites associated with this opportunity.  When researching it I came across the following sites marketing the Cell Phone Glitch opportunity:

eCommerceTraffic LLC: [email protected] Telephone (504) 267-2097.

I would recommend trying Cell Phone Glitch at your own discretion; there aren’t clear signs that it’s a scam but at the same time there are some concerns about your potential to succeed with this product.

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  • Like my mother said you can not get anything for free...Or if it is to good to be true it is probably a scam..One more thing is that MY MOTHER DID NOT RAISE A DUMMY...Right now I am trying to think of a legal way to make cash on the computer from hole...

  • Very informative article. The problem with people online is they want to make money and they want it now. Life isn't like that yes you can succeed on the internet but like everything else it takes hard work. Nothing in life is free. keep up the good work

  • I purchased appssuccess and it is a total scam. I contacted like 10 other affiliates to find out if any of them made money. NOT ONE. Avoid this scam like the plague
  • Good writing. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed my Google News Reader.

    Matt Hanson
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