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Is Kathy Stone Legit or a Scam?

Certified Home Career (www.certifiedhomecareer.com) by Kathy Stone is a new website that claims to help people find high paying work. These days that’s such an enticing proposal that tons of folks flock to these types of sites without doing the proper research first.

On the site Kathy claims that she’s found a hot bed of companies that are hiring people on the spot requiring no experience, resumes, or interviews. Now this already sounds way too good to be true, but as you continue her pitch gets progressively more surreal.

So What Kind of Work is Certified Home Career Offering?

Kathy Stone’s website offers you a position as a lead broker for companies who are looking for customers. A “lead broker” is just their way of labeling a sub sect of affiliate marketing which works with lead generation known as CPA (Cost Per Action) marketing.

This is the same principal as standard affiliate marketing in which the goal is to get internet visitors to click on a unique tracking link. However the difference with CPA is that you get paid for information rather than per sale.

For example, a company on a lead generation campaign may offer affiliates $1 per valid email address, so you’d get paid based on how many people use your tracking link to submit their email. A lot of affiliates prefer this method of marketing since they don’t have to do any of the selling to make money.

Is Certified Home Career Legit or a Scam?

The actual method, CPA marketing, is legit and a lot of affiliates use it to make a lot of money online. However there are some things that you need to watch out for when it comes to CPA offers. Some of the nastiest scams online use this business model, everything from weight loss to work at home offers.

These scams offer their affiliates insane payouts of up to $40 per generated lead which unfortunately comes at the expense of the customer. Many of these trial offers ask people to submit their credit card info for S&H but as soon as that info is entered the customer is subscribed to a recurring monthly billing plan.

This is how they can afford to pay their affiliates so much per lead. So if you do attempt this method be careful which offers you choose to promote.

When it comes to the actual training offered by Certified Home Career there are also some potential red flags to be aware of:

  1. The layout of CertifiedHomeCareer.com is almost identical to some well known pseudo-scams.
  2. They don’t tell you upfront that it’s not really a job but an opportunity that requires learning a lot about marketing online before you can even think of succeeding.
  3. They definitely oversimplify the entire process of using CPA marketing to make money online.

It’s important to keep this info in mind when deciding whether or not to use Kathy Stone’s Certified Home Career program to learn about profitable lead generation techniques.

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