Is the Unemployment Survey Legit or a Scam?

Unemployment is a website that claims to gift you a $500 check in exchange for completing their Unemployment Survey on consumer related issues.

If you read further on their website, you see that this $500 check will be issued to you not only in exchange for completing the survey, but also for completing the 13 required sponsorship offers, meeting their eligibility requirements, and even then only after you properly follow their redemption instructions.

If you read through their Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions, it’s pretty easy to tell that the Unemployment Survey is a simply a way to get you to officially release all your contact information to advertisers affiliated with the Unemployment Survey.

The Unemployment Survey honestly tells you in their Terms & Conditions that they only way they can offer you any gifts in exchange for your survey info is because they sell your contact information to advertisers.  This includes giving your phone number to telemarketers and giving them express permission to contact you even if you may be on the Federal “Do Not Call” list.

So is the Unemployment Survey a Scam?

I can’t say whether or not and the Unemployment Survey will honor their promise of a $500 check because I haven’t taken the survey.  The truth is that once you give your information to this service, you will undoubtedly be completely swarmed by emails, phone calls, mail advertisements, and yes, even text message advertisements which will likely cost you money.

If you have already taken the Unemployment Survey and are experiencing this kind of marketing harassment and would like to unsubscribe to this service, simply go to their Privacy Policy page, scroll the bottom and click the blue link to enter your email address.  In order to stop the phone calls and text messages there is a separate unsubscribe policy, but you should find that all explained here as well.

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  • Iv done sooo many fkn surveys etc promised I'll get paid ann it's been a few years and still no check,gift cards,or paid for all the dumb questions
  • If the Unemployment Survey for $500 is justa come-on, then it should be removed, as it would, in fact, just be a scam of sorts.

    There should also be a law against giving you a call from a telemarketer if you are on a "do not call" list.
  • This should not be on the web at all, one reason is because there desperate families who would really benefit from such little income.

    The second reason is because I personally thought this was a real survey that would accommodate you for giving feedback.
  • I think the unemployment survey is a scam and a waste of my time to.
    • I agree I have been taking surveys and I haven't got no money and they want to to purchase 2 or more items and order to qualify. I say if you are owed money or won money you shouldn't have to do that just send people their money. They are big time scammer out there.
  • I'm an informed American. Period. I know the scam market. That this shit is on a page when I'm applying for food stamps because my job is not enough to sustain me is ridiculous. And your write up is even more ridiculous...because, like said, we already fear the scam. All we wanna know is if it's legit. IF you don't know, don't write about it.Haven't taken the survey, what bs.
  • I've had 3 scans already. Is this for real? I even got the conceit checks
    • hey lucky for you I never received the check that they promised to give you if you are unemployed I fill as though it is a scam I truly do maybe I need to rethink things over before giving my information to companies I should've knew something was up when I didn't receive my $500 check.
  • If I could recieve this check. It would help me get my license. I need my license for the kind of job I want.
  • FAKE!
  • How do you expect the unemployed to pay for the offered advertisement of magazine and ect. This is clearly a scam!!!!!
  • is it true or not ?
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