Click n Copy Profit System Reviews
Is Legit or a Scam?

Click n Copy is a new system currently being promoted by many online marketers trying to sell people the work at home dream. They portray the product as a simple system that anyone can use despite having any computer training or technical know-how.

In some of their ads they break it down to a simple three step process: sign up, use Click’n Copy, and watch the checks roll in. Now this type of over exaggerated advertising immediately sounds the alarms as making a living online is a long term endeavor, not some overnight pipe dream.

What is the Click n Copy Profit System?

Based on their overview this will be a course in internet and social marketing. Basically, ClicknCopy is a training course in how to use the search engines and popular social sites to promote digital products through paid advertisements.

They’ll provide you with examples of campaigns to use; this’ll be similar to the same ad that you clicked to get to in the first place. Now keep in mind that placing these ads on Google, Facebook, or other sites will cost you money.

The idea is to spend less than what you’re making through commissions off the products you’re promoting. This is a basic overview of internet marketing; in reality it’s much more complex especially when you get into the realm of placing ads since you’re risking money to make money.

If you’re ads don’t convert you still have to pay the search engines for each click they sent to your website/offer.

Is Click n Copy Profit System a Scam?

First off, the techniques described above are legitimate, more than thousands of affiliate marketers make a living by placing carefully researched ads for products tailored to internet searchers. With that said there are some facts that raise concern about Click n Copy.

When researching this website I found it odd that I could not order the product from the actual url The only site that went through the entire purchase process was their affiliate

It’s pretty suspicious that you can’t order from the main domain, but what’s even more concerning is that when you read the terms and conditions on their affiliate site you get this info for the product,
Complexity, LLC
1812 West Sunset Blvd #1-138
St. George, UT 84770
Customer Service Phone
[email protected]

What’s concerning is that email address, since home income profit system is a program responsible for scamming hundreds of people and has a 1/5 rating from our users. If these sites are indeed connected then Click n Copy is definitely not recommended.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Click n Copy Profit System " is 0 out of 5 based on reviews.
  • Its seems interesting. Requires a better explanation.
  • I read the high pressure - absurdly positive sales pitch for Click to Profit.. I thought .. hmmm. maybe.. but there was so much energy put into convincing me that I really was skeptical. I googled some of the info after reading their terms and was amazed to that there are no warranties and that products are sold as is. If there are any repairs or customer complaints - it is assumed by you. BIG FLAG

    So then I came to this site and read the remarks.. Thanks for the input.. We always hope but never find the legitimate American Dream anymore.. Our world has really become greedy to the point of conning people into something like this. I'm glad I didn't take the hook!!
  • I paid to download the cd's and for the life of me I can't pull them up. How do I get them now? If they are not on my pc then I want MY MONEY BACK OR i'll CALL MY LAWYER
  • There is a HOME INCOME PROFIT SYSTEM, does anyone know anything about this company. I read about it over the internet but I'm curious about it, it does sound good but a little skeptical. Is it a scam or is it something else Check it out and give an answer please.
  • Pretty suspicious when you can't get it to load from their web site. And of course no refunds. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS WEB SITE. IF THERE IS NO REFUNDS THEN ITS NOT A BUSINESS ONLY A SCAM. Any verified business would have a refund policy. They say its on the credit card page but I read it and it not something that popped out at me. what a scam
  • I just called and they said they would not return my money. It is a scam...all of the copy on the page is misleading. DO NOT sign up!!!!
  • I too, like Phyllis above, was under the impression that I'd paid $2.95 for information to an internet home business system. Nothing I read said anything about a 3-day trial before they would charge you another $139.95. I contacted the number on the email they sent and left a message. THEY DID RETURN MY CALL. Not just once, but 4 times until they finally reached me. The gentleman I spoke with understood that I was simply curious and not ready to commit a large amount of time or money into the project. He directed me to contact someone at 888-201-3504 for a refund, or via email at [email protected]. Will be sending them a note later today. Hope this works.....stay tuned!
  • They charged me twice, because the first time I've received email that my information didn't go through. After calling them I was assured that my name not in their system, so I did it again and then received same email, again.

    But two days later they charged me for "both" account. Trying to get my money back. I wish I read the reviews first.
  • I also have been charged by click n copy and would like to know how to get my refund.Has anybody had any luck with this?
  • This company is a scam and is not worth your time or thought. You get charged without notice and when you contact them they only run you around the bush a few times. The only people making money in this business is the company.
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