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Clicks 2 Cash is another work at home program that is promoting link posting or, as they call it, being a “Search Engine Agent.” For the discounted price of $49.95, Clicks 2 Cash is offering you a link posting certification course, a one-on-one consultation with an “Internet Wealth Expert,” and a host of other services and bonuses.

They claim that after you complete your certification course, you are guaranteed a position as a Search Engine Agent, where you can earn $58,000 a year, working just one hour a day, five days a week. And if this claim makes you suspicious, that’s because it should.

What is the Deal with Clicks to Cash?

First, makes a point when reviewing every link posting opportunity to explain that “link posting” is not a job, it’s a form of internet marketing. There is no certification needed, and since it is an independent business opportunity, Clicks to Cash can neither guarantee you a job nor give you an estimate on how much you can expect to make.

Beyond their purposeful misrepresentation of this business opportunity, there are other issues you should be aware of as well. First, while the sales page says that the cost of the program is $49.95, a quick look at the terms and conditions shows that the real price is $99.00. In order to receive the price of $49.95, you must complete a mail in rebate where the difference will be refunded to you.

Second, their bonus one-on-one Internet Wealth Expert consultation is only good for 72 hours after you purchase the program. If you have not completed your consultation at that time, you no longer qualify for it.

Finally, Clicks to Cash is run by Search and Social Goldmine, who also run EZ Stay At Home Income and New Life Profits. Both of these programs have already received negative reviews from OpportunityChecker visitors, and both of which are notoriously difficult to receive refunds from. There’s no reason to believe that Clicks to Cash will be any better.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Clicks 2 Cash " is 1.51 out of 5 based on 43 reviews.
  • Been trying to get this project up and going for a few years now with no response or correspondence letting me know that they've even received my information....And exactly what is a Search Engine Agent!!!!
  • I should have done the research first. But the website seemed good even though they did not tell you exactly what they did and how. So I fell prey to 19.95 after it was reduced. Ive had my bank account scammed and have had to change credit cards to keep fraud from continueing . Am out 19.95 learned my lesson.
  • Beware Of "Clicks-To-Cash", it's not real when they ask "U" for Money. As soon as I stated watching the video where they try to suck u in, I realized that it was a scam because they wouldn't tell u what they need u to do and I skimmed through the 66 minute video just to see if they would say anything worth while. All the guy did was say the same **sh_t** over and over but I personally didn't go any further then that, I know better then to give money to someone claiming they will pay me a crap load of cash after I pay them, for something they won't even tell me what it's about. Thanks Anyway, LoL.
  • I receive this e-mail from Click for Cash. Click it on and listen tothe video.Sound to good to be true.So i goggles the website and check out the reviews.Glad i did before i order the program.The reviews was dreadful.I couldn't believe poeple would try and take indecent poeple hard earn money with a program that not true. Glad i did my home work before i invested in this scam.Words of advise to everybody. If it's sounds to good to be true most than likely it's not. Always do yyour homework before u purchase any program.
  • If you are already rich. And making money.and you want to help people why charge's not like you need the money. A give away is with out cost
  • Thank God i haven't done it, i was just about buying when something just asked me to check the review.

    Does anyone know the best program me to enroll in with ease and utmost security? please let me know.
  • Has anyone actually tried working the system to see if works or did everyone cancel before they got that far. I want to know more. thanks
  • I paid money into a business that was suppose to pay me as much as $ 30.000 dollars a month or more the people that promoted this business did not tell the whole truth about how to make the big bucks Websites are costly I did not know that a website was attached to this business the way this man and his wife advertised it it was false telling people in their video all of this hog wash that they are making $5million dollars a year income one thing you really don't know where they are 2 you really don't know who is promoting their product whether they are telling the truth or not I have been surfing the Internet for 4 years I have not found a legit prospect yet yes people has taken my money a few times I had to report them as a Fraud case before I could get my money back I called the Bank told them what I thought was the case they handled it for me.I am still looking
  • all I seen is everything I learned in the library and this is the only thing I ever bought online clicks to cash was advertising a lady from my town who they said was the creater and she was a home mom thats why im knot sure to buy anything. Thank god they have a way to find these things out.
  • This company is the most horrific company ever. As a very short time former employee let me just give you some tips on getting your money back. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT settle for less than what you paid. Just threaten to file a chargeback and they will give you all your money back. They do not fight charge backs or at least they didn't when I worked there. This is a big scam it does not work at all. Do not believe when they say they have people that make money off of it. And the coaching is a scam as well, they will charge you thousands of dollars and once you sign the contract they no longer contact you, but you are responsible for it because you signed a contract. PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!
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