Reviews – Legit or a Scam? is a standard pay-per-action website. Clicksia, and pay-per-action sites in general, pays their members for a variety of functions they perform online.  You click on ads, visit sponsored websites, sign up for trial offers, and recruit other members to Clicksia in exchange for money.

Unfortunately, you do it for very little money.  As in $.001 to $.005 cents per action.  Clicksia pays the most to its members for signing up for special offers, however, members need to be very careful that they always read the fine print when doing that.  Some special offers have very particular timelines and cancellation policies.  If a member isn’t careful, they could easily end up paying more money than they earn. does allow it’s members to cash out their account at $1.00, which is really wonderful.  Many other sites have higher pay out rates, and when you are dealing with only earning $.005 per action, it can take you a very long time to earn one full dollar.  On other sites, many people give up without ever reaching their pay out, meaning they essentially perform their work for free.

Pay-per-action websites are not a way to make a living online.  Instead, they simply offer an opportunity for people to receive money doing things they would normally do when spending time on the internet.  Some members report being able to pull in money much quicker after building a solid downline of recruits, however, it still would only amount to some extra spending money per month.

But if you are interested in receiving money for doing things online that you would likely do anyway, Clicksia has a low pay out rate and a great reputation for dependably paying their members.

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  • I have been clicking ads for a long time on clicksia, and I am unable to login. They are saying that clicksia is now closed. And I came to know , that it is a scam. The owner is saying he is sick. Actually he has done fraud. I have my pending balance in my account, and I get scammed. I am very annoyed, and now I have very less trust on PTC sites. Please do your research before joining a ptc site, and join a legit ptc site
  • It is alleged that the owner of Clicksia and Incentria was owner of Buxout, a scam site that had to be closed down. Only the owner knows for sure. I would really hate to be spending time clicking on ads day in and day out and then only to have Clicksia close down suddenly without informing me, thus causing me to lose everything I earned, like what happened with Buxout. To be on the safe side, I recommend Neobux and Probux as I believe, based on my experience, they're much safer and there's nothing suspicious about them.
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