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CloudCrowd ( is a new outsourcing, work at home agency that is taking a unique approach to freelance work. They provide their workers with small tasks, that are manageable in a short time frame and therefore easy to fit into almost any schedule, and they pay you the following day for the work you’ve completed.

Companies provide CloudCrowd with projects requiring a variety of services that range from language translation to writing and editing to online research, and more. CloudCrowd then takes these projects and breaks them into smaller, easier to manage tasks. They then list these tasks on their job pages.

When a member of CloudCrowd has time to work – say when your child is down for a nap – they simply sign on to their Facebook account and access their CloudCrowd application, looking for tasks they can complete in they time they have available. These tasks pay anywhere from $.01 to $14.95, depending on the length of time and expertise needed to complete the task.

All work that is completed by 5 pm Pacific Time will be paid by midnight the next day. In order to be paid, however, you must have a working PayPal account.

Is CloudCrowd a Scam?

On the contrary, actually. CloudCrowd is a respected crowdsourcing center that has been reviewed and praised by magazines such as BusinessWeek and Entrepreneur.

They respond to two different needs within the industry right now. First, companies that need to keep overhead down can do so by outsourcing major projects. Second, people who need work now can earn money by completing these projects for CloudCrowd on their own schedule.

CloudCrowd understands that certain tasks must be completed by humans – not computers – in order to be done well. So they have created an independent workforce of over 50,000 people and counting to do just that.

How You Can Be Successful with CloudCrowd

First, CloudCrowd rates its workers on a Credibility scale of 1-100. As a new employee, you are given a rating of 30 and you cannot exceed 50 until you have been an active employee for longer than one month. After the first month, your rating can go all the way to 100.

To raise your Credibility score, you must successfully complete your tasks in the correct way. This means following the instructions perfectly and providing the employer with the correct work they required. If you do the job incorrectly because you did not follow the instructions, or the work you provided was considered wrong or bad, it will lower your Credibility rating.

CloudCrowd also allows you to “Skip” a task after you’ve chosen it if you realize that you don’t know the answer or can’t complete it the way the employer needs. Choosing to Skip a task will not negatively affect your Credibility rating, but doing a task and failing it will. In addition, if you fail the task you are given, you will not be paid for it.

Also, CloudCrowd has certain tasks that anyone can do – like researching things online – or tasks that you must have “Credentials” to do. To get a Credential on CloudCrowd you must pass an online exam in that area. If you fail that exam, you will not be allowed to take it again, so make sure you are ready before you attempt it.

Overall, CloudCrowd is a great opportunity for those looking to fit some extra work into a busy schedule, or those who don’t have a full time job right and for whom every little bit helps.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Cloud Crowd " is 2.06 out of 5 based on 34 reviews.
  • As always, the big wigs get their money and the loyal slaves are shafted. There hasn't been work in months. See what working for pennies gets you? Sign up with CrowdSource if you want a chance of seeing a few former CC clients put up work. I doubt it, though.
  • Good idea but awful execution thanks to the most anally retentive community of writers and editors I've ever seen. Trying to get into their clique at this moment is like sabotaging yourself.
    • Why bother? You could have just created another account and approved your own work. That is what I did for the longest. Made thousands from them doing that.
  • First off, please allow me to mention that I have a bachelor's degree in English/communications with honors (Summa Cum Laude). My application for the Writer's Credential was rejected because I had not put in line breaks on the first assignment and "didn't follow instructions" on the second. (CC requested that I compare or contrast a topic of my choice to "Decisions You Like to Put Off." Now, not only was this a stupid and vague topic, but I DID contrast the topic with the importance of making decisions sooner rather than later. If CloudCrowd doesn't hire editors/reviewer smart enough to identify a contrasting subject, I have no interest in working for them. I think they should rename the site
  • The site is a nightmare to maneuver through. I signed up 4 times, it lost my password and I end up in a loop landing on the same page over and over again.

    This site's emails are going into the "spam folder".
  • Hi, well I heard about Cloud Crowd and decided to give it a try. Firstly, it isn't very well designed and newcomers often leave because of this. I stuck around and tried a writing task, since I wasn't sure about the company I didn't put too much effort into it. Not surprisingly the task failed and I though okay I'll try again but do my best. That task failed because I misused a comma (wow), I have written thousands of articles/blogs/website content and have NEVER had a single complaint, EVER, not until I tried CC that is. I was shocked that the second article failed for quite pedantic reasons, but I had lost interest by that time. I'm making a lot more money working elsewhere so their loss in my opinion.
  • Absolute waste of time.

    This site is as goofy as it gets. Rude "reviewers" hanging around the forums deliberately posting misinformation.

    Hint: They don't want you there taking their work. They desperately need every penny because earning actual $$$ is near impossible.

    Tests are completely vague in their instructions. They demand clear and concise work for pennies, yet half of the text on their website is incomprehensible gibberish.

    The editing test is just stupid. You are instructed to edit a document that reads as if it were written by a five year old. To properly edit it, you would have to rewrite the entire thing from scratch, otherwise it still looks like horse pucky when you are done.

    You would be better off searching the web for blogs with a 'submit article' button. It would pay more per hour.
    • I am so glad I found the honest reviews on this site before joining.

      Cloudcrowd sounds like an absolute nightmare. Whoever came up with the bright idea of asking your "competitors" to review your work and thus decide whether or not you stand to earn any money?

      I most certainly will not be wasting my time signing up!
  • Product Attribute task does not work. Huge waste of time. I literally tried every combination on the last one I did and it still would not let me submit it. Most credential tests are never available so the amount of work you can do is very limited. The site is a huge waste of time with a very small pay out. I ignored all of these reviews thinking they were exaggerating. They are telling the truth. This site is terrible. Try it if you want. I always give everything the benefit of the doubt but this site is very disappointing. The people praising it are either working for the main offices, paid to praise, or got in when this site must have been ran better. Because I cant see anyone using this site praising it. Me and 3 people I know just tried it for the past week and we are all done with it.
    • Notice all of the generic websites advertising the company. Whenever I google "cloudcrowd" I run into a lot of these sites.
    • I spent a lot of time that was pretty much wasted. What I think all of the praise sites are doing is some form of MLM. They get $5. for every person that signs up, so if 100 sign up they'll get $500. It appears that folks are working it from that end. Maybe if someone is an excellent writer they do decent with this site, but it smells to much like an MLM scheme to me.
  • I started working on cloudcrowd last September. Familiarizing the platform as well as the task instructions were hard for me. I earned only $250 dollars that month. The next month to present were a lot easier! I learned the platform, was able to deal with all the "check tasks", and worked on extended hours to earn extras! Guess what, I earn from $700-900 per month! That is very big here in my country with only a minimum wage of around $200.

    The work is for everyone, believe me. You don't need a bachelor's degree or what. I invited many friends but quit on their first week. Man, you won't earn fast money on your first week and earnings will not be consistent because it is project based. Just be patient and you'll get hooked to working like it's your regular office job!
  • I was put on probation for having a Categorize Business task rejected. From what I've read this was a task placed specifically to catch people out that may be cheating. However, when I looked at the review URL and compared it to both my own submitted URL and the business information supplied with the task, I found that my submitted URL was an entirely accurate match for both the name and address details. The review URL on the other hand, was not. I repeatedly tried to appeal the task only to receive an error every time.

    Additionally, it seems some of the people reviewing my Categorize Business tasks couldn't tell the difference between B2B and B2C businesses and repeatedly rejected businesses that I classified correctly as B2B. It seems a strange system that one person should be rewarded for incorrectly reviewing another's work. Who watches the watchers, I ask you?

    I have yet to try any of the longer Writing or Editing tasks. But given my poor experience with the Categorize Business task I'm not sure it is worth investing longer periods of time only for incompetent people to deny me fair compensation.
    • I encourage you to air out your concern in the forum. Workers do learn a lot from there. I have been rejected a lot in categorize business but learned my lesson. Reviewers were also getting better. The support forum will help a lot to get rid of bad reviewers.
  • So, based on a reviewer saying that it was "worth it", I tried Cloud Crowd. You start out with a "confidence rating" of 30. I passed their English Comprehension test and was allowed to do a task in categorizing for five cents! The task was to google search a company name and enter the URL where you find the company's address and categorize the type of business it is. The problem is they were FOREIGN companies, and the websites were not in English. So using Google translate, I did the best I could. You're supposed to put the companies in the "most relevant" category, and I put a company that said their "activities" were installation and repair of HVAC equipment and plumbing in an Electrical/HVAC category. Apparently that was wrong. I didn't know that I was already on probation for getting the first one wrong when I attempted this ill-fated task another time, this time putting a company that said their business was community service in the non-profit/community service category. The next time I tried to click a task, I learned that my account had been deactivated. What a waste of time and aggravation! Their task was obviously impossible, and I'm glad I didn't waste any more time on a more time-consuming, higher-paying project for them to reject it, refuse to pay, and summarily dismiss me. Don't waste your time! They just expect miracles for pennies.
    • Looks like Apple is the only one who likes CC -- wonder why ...
    • From January 1st to present, I already earned $500 dollars for Categorize Business task alone. Hey air out your concern in the support forum. Be a little more patient. Get mad and get back to work after. :)
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