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Convergys, found at, is a business process outsourcing company which specializes in outsourcing the call center functions of their client businesses to work at home call center agents.

Convergys claims that they have been a leader in customer management for over 30 years, and they specialize in helping companies find new ways to enhance the value of their customer relationships and deliver consistent customer experiences.

Unlike many other work at home employment opportunities, if hired by Convergys, you will be considered an actual employee of their company, and depending on the position, may even qualify for benefits.

Being a Call Center Agent

Call center agent is perhaps one of the most popular and prevalent telecommuting job opportunities in today’s workforce, as it is a job that can be professionally and successfully done from the comfort of your own home.

Call center agents can provide a wide variety of services, from sales calls to customer services, verification services, tech support, quality assurance phone call, or even simply confirming appointments and meetings.

The specific work you do for Convergys – and the schedule on which you would perform your work – would be determined by what client company Convergys assigned you to work for. This assigning is done after you have completed the hiring and training process, so the Convergys team knows where best to place you.

Convergys offers both part time positions, at 16 hours a week, and full time positions, at 40 hours a week. You are allowed input on your work schedule, but once you commit to a schedule you must be available during those hours.

Employment Requirements

You must have a quiet, dedicate at home office with a high speed internet connection, telephone service as well as a telephone with a mute button, and a PC (Macs not accepted) that can pass an online test for compatibility.

You must also have a high school diploma or equivalency and a minimum of six months customer service or call center experience is preferred.

If you are hired, your pay would be determined by the type of work you do, what client you are assigned to, and whether you are part or full time. However, you will always be paid every two weeks, by Direct Deposit.

There are further requirements for Convergys work at home agents, but you will have to check their website Career opportunities for more specific information.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Convergys Jobs " is 1.3 out of 5 based on 10 reviews.
  • Hi it's a fake institute, very poor teaching as well as wrong claims about 100% job placement. Professor doesn't give any answers, one needs to listen to them, no body could ask anything. How can I get my money back, don't know.
  • Yea I actually have someone trying to scam me into this job RIGHT AT THIS VERY MOMENT! It's almost unreal how little/crappy effort they put into this scam. Like they just sent me the 'Company Info' which is a PAST TENSE, basic, google-search result of the company 'description' or something to that effect. Again, just truly Unbelievable really.
  • I just had almost the same experience. I was getting all excited then starting feeling sick and the info just sounded wrong.... They told me I'd need to download a bunch of programs id have to pay for but they would be sending me a laptop. The guy said they would email me a check to print, cut out and mobile deposit into my account to pay for the programs..... Sketchy as hell... After I started asking a lot of questions the guy stopped responding... I started looking into this and sure enough, it's a SCAM!
    • Yes, same with me, they are making fools of people, pulling money to another country. The trainers have no communication or teaching experience. It's all fake claims 100%.
    • Yea this is just TERRIBLE! They're actually still trying to SCAM ME at this VERY MOMENT! ITS INSANE! I wish I could find someone who wants to get back at them through conversation or whatnot, cause they have NO CLUE I'm on to them yet at this stage; NO CLUE! This is CRAZY!
    • I am talking to the guy now as we speak. He is saying the same exact thing!!! Says his name is Richard.
  • Hello,

    I am very new to online working....

    I recently signed up with an online work platform called and I put in an offer for a virtual assistant job, before the closing date I received an e-mail from someone saying they have reviewed my profile and think I would suitable to work with their company (Convergys), they then put me in contact with HR who took me through an online process of recruitment. Within 4-hours I was told I scored 95% and I was to be recruited earning $37.50 per hour.

    I was then told that I need to do 1-week training at $21 per hour and in order to complete the training I must download three software packages, I was asked to pay $200 to download the packages that will 'apparently' enable me to complete the training and work. This money, I was told will be reimbursed, after the training.

    The interview was sketchy, they didn't ask if I had a criminal record, no reference checks and I have not seen a JD. My instincts tell me this is dodgy.... please advise me people. Reading the above reviews was extremely inciteful so thank you all for sharing and I am sorry for all you pain.

    [email protected]
  • Same thing here. I want to pursue the complaint to these scammers legally but don't know where to start and how to proceed. Don't know if there's a government agency already working getting these people caught. I've been very inconvenienced.
  • I was hired and they wanted a copy of the front and back of my credit card and my login passcode so they could pay me .. I know this is a scam.. Something has to be done..
  • I got offered a job. Saying I have to print out a check emailed to me for $1928 for software material I will be using. Endorse the back of the check. Deposit it into my online banking account. After it clears, deduct $300 as my bonus. Then I will get told how to send the vendor the money to pay for my software, I am leary of this cause I have been offered jobs before working from home that were SCAMS! How do I know if this is LEGIT or a SCAM?
    • They offered me a job and said to print the $1258.00 check deposit it keep $200.00 for a bonus and purchase software needed for my job which would be downloaded into the computer they are sending me to use. I told them no. I’m pretty mad at myself for not doing more “homework” on this company before giving them some of my information.
    • Yes! The same thing happened to me and they are now asking me to go buy 6 $100 iTunes cards, but I am not sure if I should trust it. What happened with you guys?
    • Did you have to purchase an iTunes card first?
    • its a scam call convergys coroporate at 201 East Fourth Street

      Cincinnati, OH 45202-4206

      United States

      +1 513-723-7000
  • I was just told I'm hired but I'm sceptical I've been scammed before so it's a legitimate company but they have bad reviews from employees.So what should I do I need this job to take care of my family.
    • Hi! The exact something happened to me. I got a check emailed to me and they are pushing for me to cash it now. I'm kinda skeptical!
  • I worked at the Lubbock TX call center. I was originally hired as 2G CRM (Customer Relations Management). We never started the training. Because 3G was just now becoming the new service late summer 2004. So CRM was being phased out. There would be no need for the CRM dept, even though we signed contracts for 2G CRM. So we started training for 3G care.

    So here's the fraud. We broke off into teams. Everyone was to log into AT&T systems with their Axxys IDs. But since we did not have any, (being new hires) everyone on a team logged in using their supervisor's Axxys ID. We were to offer Proactive Contract Offers (PCO's) on every customer service call. AKA PCR's= contract renewals. We were to be rewarded with $4 per Successful Contract Renewal and additional cash & prizes for convincing the customer to give up their long-term 2G plans & migrate to the new 3G plans and phones. Well, the PCO is to be paid to the person who's ID was attached to the contract renewal in the system. So whole teams were signed in uunder their supervisor's ID. So they told us to keep written records of the account number & phone number so we could get credit for the PCO/PCR. We never got paid. Period. I talked customers into migration to 3G or extending their contact on practically all my customer service calls. Trying to win prizes.

    After a few weeks our AT&T id's still hadn't came back...or so we were told! They did have our Axxys id's and were withholding them from us because our supervisors were getting paid $4 a pop on contract extensions we were selling the customers. Hundreds of PCRs per employee logged in under the supervisor's AT&T ID number. We started pushing back. I called the president of the company and advised him of the security breach concerning customer's credit card information because with so many people logged in under 1 person's AT&T ID number, there would be no way to tell who was stealing customer's credit card information. Plus I was robbed of hundreds of dollars in PCO incentives by my supervisors. The next day we immediately began getting our AT&T Axxys ID numbers and memos from OHIO stating that no one was to be logging in under another person's AXXYS ID number. We started to get fired for being logged out while on the clock. Meaning, someone was going into the computer and logging out random victims involved in the PCR scam. Policy was that you had to be logged into the system while you are on the clock getting paid. Compliance. Meaning that you adhere strictly to the schedule preset in the computer for your work day. Example: 12pm to 2:45 pm logged in. 12:45 to 1:00 break. You have to go on break & be logged in and out of the system exactly according to schedule or your percentage of adhering EXACTLY to the schedule would drop.

    Convergys had computer programmers on site who would go in and manually change the schedule clock in the computer to show log in 12:05pm to 2:50pm even though your paper schedule said to log in 12:00 to 2:45 pm. This would throw off your compliance in the system by a big enough percentage that you get written up. They were sabatoging our jobs behind the scenes to get rid of everyone who had hundreds of dollars in PCO money stolen by management. We went without our IDs almost 2 months. Stonewalled by HR, ignored by corporate.

    Convergys in Lubbock stole thousands fraudulently from employees who had no choice but to trust the people who were ruling over us. I need that job badly. I really liked that job. [email protected]

    There's no statute of limitation on fraud. Somewhere, at some point, I'm going to get get them. It's been 13 years. I still want all my money and I want my job...just cause! I can forgive but I will never let it go. I did what I was asked to do and more. I want my money. You all owe me my wages.

    [email protected]
  • 1. It took two months before I FINALLY got 'hired'.

    2. I was working a 20 an hour a week minimum wage job when I got 'hired' by Convergys, so naturally I left that job to start a 40 an hour a week job at $9.00 an hour.

    3. I was TOLD that I was hired and everything was set for me to begin training on Monday August 26th at 11 AM EST. At 10:40 AM EST, I receive a phone call telling me that they are pulling me from the class because my background check still hadn't come back yet. They waited until the last possible minute to do this to me. I completely lost it and told them off and let them know exactly how unprofessional I thought it was that they tell me I am hired and give me a start date only to take it away from me the very day I am supposed to begin training. The 'recruiter' tells me that it would be three weeks before they could reassign me. THREE WEEKS! I am now unemployed and have to wait another three freaking weeks to start 'training'. I got angry and hung up on her. After cooling off a while, I sent her an email apologizing and explained my situation to them.

    3. The next day (Tuesday August 25th) I receive an email telling me that I am set to begin training today (August 26th). I got excited and thought my apology was accepted and everything was good to go. So I login and sit through the 'roll call' only to be one of eight people whose name wasn't called. I was then told to leave the room and that one of the trainers would call me within fifteen minutes to let me know what was going on. TWO HOURS LATER I get a phone call from the same woman I spoke with on Monday. She tells me that I will NOT be allowed to work at all for Convergys because I had a bad attitude. She also claimed that I stated I was no longer interested which was a blatant lie. I NEVER said that. I NEEDED this job!!!

    So tell me what kind of 'company' tells someone they are hired and encourages them to quit their current job and clear their schedule for three weeks worth of training? What kind of 'company' tells someone they can begin work BEFORE all of said employee's paperwork is finalized?

    Steer clear of this place. I know they have several good reviews, but you should be forwarned that most of these 'good reviews' are from management members within their hiring group. If I could press charges against this place I would.

    So now I have no job and no income. I only hope that the job I quit will hire me back otherwise I am completely screwed.
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