Copy Buffett Software Reviews – Legit or Scam?
No Reviews Yet Review It is the online home of Copy Buffett Software, a website which says they are going to help people earn money with investing using the same methods and strategies as the famed billionaire investor, Warren Buffet.

According to their website, the makers of this software realized that there were many, many people that were interested in trying to earn money from investments themselves but simply didn’t know where to start.

So in addition to creating this software which is able to apply investment strategy for you, they also decided to give all new users access to this software for 30 days for free, so they could make sure they liked for themselves before they had to pay for it. After the first 30 days, customers will be required to let the software pull 5% of their profits.

The Claims

This software is partnered with a binary options trading platform. This is a particular type of trading which asks investors to decide if the value of a stock will rise or fall in a short period of time. Though people often think this is a simple form of investment, the truth is that it can be extremely complicated.

Warren Buffet is described by this website as being “the richest investor in history” who has never made an investment based on emotions like fear or stress, and instead has always made “effective and calculated decisions which lead to record breaking profits.”

The Copy Buffett software says that they have taken more than 6 years to create this software which can perfectly automate the strategies used by Buffett himself and is guaranteed to provide people with nearly $2000 a day in trading profits.

Is Copy Buffett Software Legit?

The reality is that this software is likely just another binary options trading bot, similar to the hundreds of other trading bots on the market that don’t provide their users with any real success at all. However, this company is using American billionaire Warren Buffet as an unauthorized spokesman and because of this, they are clearly breaking the law and should be avoided at all costs.

The truth is that this software is just like all the others – their attempt to prove their legitimacy by letting customers use their software for free is completely irrelevant. Whether this software would be free for forever, for 45 days, or for just one hour doesn’t matter to their ability to make money off their members.

This company makes money the second you sign up with their chosen binary option trading platform, as the platform provides them with a commission. After that, they simply don’t care what happens to their investors. Customers who are interested in binary options trading should do their own research and even consult with an investment advisory, but should avoid these kinds of scams at all costs.

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