Countdown to Profits Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 8 reviews Review It is the online home of Countdown to Profits, a website which promises to give people an “automated” way to earn money online, even if they have no previous knowledge or experience.

In fact, this program says that it was specifically designed for use by people who have had no previous experience with earning money online, or if they have had experience, they have had no success and are still significantly struggling.

Customers who are interested in trying this program for themselves will be able to do so for just $97, a fee which the website says is purposely intended to be very affordable so the highest number of people can take advantage of this opportunity.

The Promises

First and possibly most important, this website promises people the ability to earn hundreds and even thousands of dollars each and every day, even going so far as to say that some of their members are earning more than $100,000 each month.

And because this program is specifically designed for people with little to no experience, the promotional video describes this as being a “copy and paste” money system, where as long as customers are able to follow basic instructions, they are guaranteed to make money.

Finally, this website says that they are so sure their customers will make large amounts of money within just the first month of use, that if you do not, you are welcome to request a refund of your $97 and the company will also give you $500 as a thank you for trying their program.

Is Countdown to Profits Legit?

Though it is difficult to answer this question conclusively, it certainly seems as though the Countdown to Profits is more than likely an unethical company that is making promises they can’t keep and purposely misleading their customers.

First and foremost, a company that promises people that they will make hundreds or even thousands of dollars a day with little to no effort should simply not be trusted. In addition, Countdown to Profits makes the situation worse by saying that you are “guaranteed” to earn such large amounts of money that if you don’t, they will gift you $500 for at least trying.

The reality is that this company has no intention of providing their customers with $500 for trying. In fact, their earnings disclaimer says that even when customers follow their instructions word-for-word and do everything they say, they are still much more likely to lose money than they are to earn money. And their Terms & Conditions does say that customers are welcome to request a refund of their purchase price, but makes no mention of the $500, which means that they are not legally required to follow through on that promise.

The bottom line is that this company employs so many different unethical tactics to essentially trick people into purchasing their program, that customers should avoid this program at all costs.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Countdown to Profits Reviews " is 1.38 out of 5 based on 8 reviews.
  • trying to make some money, not sure how to get started.
  • Thank you for all your honest to goodness comments. It helps me and for sure will help more people who are so desperate to earn for a living.

    I am so skeptiical about this add and kind of job, specially now a days there are a lot of Scam going around, that is why first thing I do is to search for comments.

    Thanks again for saving my pocket!

  • Total scam. Went through video then looked at terms and policy statements. Wow disclaimer of content for entertainment purposes. Reallly?? Waste of my time. Ignored program and next day sent another offer that I'd earned &60, so program now $37. Really? These people will do anything to get any amount of money from you. Disappointing our great government does nothing to protect it's citizens from such. Shame on you Washington.
    • send this WEBSITE TO Anonymous a loosely associated international network of activist and hacktivist TO HACK THE HELL OUT OF THIS WEBSITE
  • This is the same scam as many other offers, never say that they will be a second and a third charge in order to enhance the program. Their presentation sounds like a cheap timeshare presentation and the lack of information about the complete program is disgusting.This is a SCAM!!! Please, don't fall for it.
    • Thanks for sharing.

      We need to know the truth about these offers.

      How are these businesses allowed to even be on the internet?

      Is there no authority to control such scams?

      Thanks for your time and info.

    • thanks for posting your review. I was about to fall in it. you saved me

  • This is a SCAM!!! Please dont fall for it.
  • just saw 2 different profile with the same picture. lol
  • As you watch the video,you find a countdown of minutes at the bottom of the video.screen, and as the minutes countdown, there is a count up of the money you will be paid if you watch the video completely. I watch all through the video and at.the end, there was no indication that I watch going to be paid $500 for watching the video.this is a waist of our time leading to our continued frustration with all the scam artists online.
  • Who can you trust today??? I was skeptical from the start , the are so.many scams liars etc....people that merely want t.obtain your info, for what so they can hack? It's sad, since I'm approaching my latter yearsopd in this life and Scammers like this are what I have to.look forward to, nice, .I'm sorry for the Elderly Lady that is on a fixed income. She's not the only one. Vehicle warranties are another scam with a scare tactic. I cant believe with all our clout and ingenuity and knowledge that our Government or Business security allows thsee scams. they are no.better that use car lot ripping you off . One word comes to.mind shady. if these reviews are open howcome they aren't passed to officials for investigation and closed down. The addage that no one's going to take care of you so beware stands out..our government should have a role in this crap.
  • There is no company that can make $$$$$$$$$$$$$ online just with a mouse click but only scam artist, crooks and ...................

    I have checked many of these companies and none of them are honest.

    The only way to make money is if you actually have your own site and sell some product or service (real things).

    Good luck to all those who will try!
  • I clicked on an ad for a work-from-home data entry position and it took me to their video, promising minimum $500 just for watching. The first thing that tipped me off that this was a scam was the list of "comments" from people who had supposedly made a lot of money. They set it up so it looks like there are thousands of comments, it looks just like Facebook comments, but when you try to click on a profile name or to expand the replies or even load more comments it gives you the same dialogue: "watch the video first to get access to comments." Only you don't get access after watching the video. They're clearly fake comments made to look like real people have used this program and had success. No legitimate company would need to put fake reviews to make them look good. I feel bad for anyone who trusts these people and loses their money.
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