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Coupon Alert is a new type of rewards site which, instead of rewarding its members with currency or prizes, rewards its members with coupon and promotional codes for the retailers they visit.

With the difficult state of the economy and the new television show featuring “extreme couponing,” people are become aware of the savings to be had simply from using coupons to do your basic shopping.

Coupon Alert uses this motivation to enlist new members. Coupon Alert is free to join, but there are certain things you must do in order to collect your “rewards.”

What is a Rewards Site?

A basic rewards site works by having the user download their toolbar and use their specific search engine to do all their searching online. These sites will pay you a couple cents for your online actions, just for doing the same things you do online all the time.

These sites get paid by advertisers to track your information and give it to them, so they better understand the online search habits of their target market. The reward sites, in turn, pay their members to allow them to track their information.

Many times people feel that reward sites “aren’t worth it” because of the small payouts people get, though technically they are still receiving money for doing the things they would normally do for free.

How is Coupon Alert Different?

Coupon Alert offers member rewards in a different way. You download the Coupon Alert toolbar, and when you search products or item, the toolbar will alert you to companies online with coupons or promotions related to what you are searching.

In addition, if you visit a website that currently has active coupons or promotions, Coupon Alert will automatically “alert” you to that. Finally, Coupon Alert will also keep track of promotions that are getting ready to expire, so their members won’t miss out.

In order to get these benefits from Coupon Alert, you must download their toolbar and switch your homepage to their specific search engine, MyWebSearch. If you are not actively using their search engine and toolbar, then you won’t receive the benefits.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Coupon Alert " is 1 out of 5 based on 5 reviews.
  • I didn't even download the app and already want to get rid of it! Good thing I'm a hunter, because if it l looked like a pig, smelled like a pig but quacked like a duck I could really get myself in a real pickle!
  • Thank you for all the commenters on here. you have just saved me a huge hassle. BIG THANKS AND HUGS!!!
  • May 30, 2012

    Does deleting it from the toolbar stop them from charging you the $9.99 a month on your cell phone? Please let me know since I cannot find a place to make sure that I cancelled it.
  • Terrible site! I just downloaded the site and it tells me that I've reached the print limit. I haven't printed anything! I deleted this service off my computer.
  • It doesn't work. Deleted this bar that is so annoying
  • Did not work for me. I'm deleting it.
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