Cruise Planners Franchise – Legit or Scam?
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Cruise Planners Franchise, found online at, is a franchise opportunity for people who are interested in running their own independent travel agency business out of their home.

A franchise is an independently owned business opportunity where the owner pays fees for using the knowledge, business practices, and other proprietary information of an already established business.

The Cruise Planners Franchise website says that they are one of the most successful, affordable franchises currently available on the market, with just an initial investment of $10,495 required.

The Promises

The Cruise Planners website says that their opportunity is perfect for people with no travel agency experience, because they offer you a six day training program with your franchise purchase so you are prepared with how to best establish your business and interact with your corporate support team.

They encourage their newest team members to begin running their business part time, so they can ease into their industry and become comfortable with company policies and practices.

Cruise Planners Franchise promises their newest franchise owners that this is an incredibly easy franchise to be successful with, as they have been successful for more than 20 years and the cruising industry has seen growth each year for the last 30 years, including double digit growth in the last ten years. In fact, they says that the travel industry is a recession proof industry, perfect for someone interested in owning their own business.

The Concerns

As an affordable franchise opportunity that is partnered with the American Express Travel organization, Cruise Planners probably could be a very decent independently owned business opportunity.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of problems with the way this company promotes and sells this opportunity. Claiming that someone with no experience in the travel industry should feel no concerns with owning a travel agency is ridiculous, but not nearly as ridiculous as claiming that travel is a “recession proof industry,” when travel is in fact one of the very first and very hardest hit industries during times of economic trouble.

Another issue not being addressed by this company is the fact that travel agencies have been an industry almost eradicated by the internet, since most people make their own travel plans online or use mobile applications and websites to find the best prices and itineraries for their needs.

The truth is that this franchise opportunity may not be a bad idea, however it is impossible to know that or trust that since their sales page spends so much time directly lying to their potential franchise owners.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Cruise Planners Franchise Reviews " is 2.9 out of 5 based on 10 reviews.
  • A host agency gives you the IATA number which allows you to book travel. They provide the software for you to a your reservations to and give you tools and marketing to do your business better and smarter. They do however take a small percentage of your commissions which they use to pay their staff which are EXCELLENT. I have been with Cruise Planners for 10 years and I am very happy with them. The perks have been great with them. They offer great training several times a year which your pay for. I am making a fair amount of money with them and I WAS NOT A TRAVEL CONSULTANT before I joined them. Yes things are not given to you on a silver platter. You have to find your own clients and you will not make tons of money to begin with, it takes time to build a business. That being said some people do it depends on your motivation and if you follow what Cruise Planners tells you to do.
  • Hello CP Franchises, need help, are there any additional charges beside the monthly payment of $70 and the franchise fee?

    thank you
    • We tried CP for 3 years even before covid & it was not profitable. CP doesn't offer any leads and they seem that they prefer and encourage the top producers but for small and people who start, not really helpful. They even let you pay yearly if you don't sell enough. the website they do for you is a joke because, it's the same website and content that they create for 1000's of franchisees, so no chance of getting customers online. once you have the contract and they get you in, you're on your own other than going to their vendors and suppliers events that push to sell their travels. Ask them what is the % of people who stays after the 3 year contract?
  • CAM, I read your comment and I noticed a glitch. First, CP's is making money off selling franchises, that's obvious. Second, what you seem to miss is this, you are the one that strives to make money off travel. If you went into this with the goal that they are assisting you in making money from travel, that is a misinterpretation of the objective. The only thing they offer is the set-up of the franchise and training, and then your on your own.

    Did I misunderstand?
  • Helpful. I was looking into Cruise Planners, but will look to see if there are other options before dropping $10K
  • You noticed that they never get around to telling you about the host agency.... its because they are full of it. there people put on these sites to talk bad about competition businesses. it is very expensive to put together on your own all the things you need to run the business.. that is what you pay for. If you are serious about any business don"t listen to dummies on sites like this. I have done well in my business but it takes work like anything else. If you want to compete and make money you will need all the marketing and support and there is no way a company can give that to you for 400 dollars a year. You will put out 10 k one way or another or you won't sell anything.
    • I don't totally understand your post.

      It's my understanding that with Cruise Planners you get your own IATA card rather than using Cruise Planners as the host agency. Is my understanding correct? I will ask them of course but this may help others reading this.
  • You get what you pay for if you got to one of those "host" agencies who just charge $100 or so a month trust me you won't be getting the training and technology that Cruise Planners offers there is a reason the franchise for zero experience people is 10k. Think about it people you get what you pay for I don't care what anyone says and I'm an experienced over 20 year agent. I was choosy when I left the inside sales travel job I had. I did not pay that huge fee but I have experience. It takes a lot to train people to sell travel no it isn't rocket science either I went to travel school when it still existed and that was over 3k. It is work to market yourself networking and advertising etc. It takes money to make money and you need to be self motivated and have some drive. This isn't just a travel for perks job. Clients aren't always happy. My (2) cents.
    • It’s not expensive to get your own CLIA number and book travel! $399.

      You won’t have to spilt your commissions, with a company who holds up your money!

      It’s 100% YOURS!

      CP relies on other agents to train you.

      Many vendors, countries, companies, have their own training, which is what you get with CruisePlanners.

      They don’t train you!

      They withhold your money, just because they want to!

      I’m dealing with cancer, and they are withholding my money I need for treatments, for no reason.

      Just because they wrote the contracts that way, so they will benefit more than the agent who did all the work and brought the clients !

      I spoke with the owner Michell Fee, and she refused to give me my commissions for my cancer treatments!

      Unethical company!

      I’ve been in the industry since 1980, and this place runs like a casino! Most unethical company, I’ve dealt with!

      The house always wins, even when they did nothing to earn the money!

      They take commission, even when agent didn’t get paid!

      They said they have bills to pay!

      Like we don’t!

      Get your own CLIA number and make more money!
  • I am with a Top 20 host agency and I can truly tell you the commission are supposed to be 70+, but they are not. The reason is because you are not going to be in it on your own, you will have an owner over you who will eat the difference in commissions, plus what the host takes out off top.

    There is a reason 50% is only paid for commissions, versus 85-90% if not more. Your best bet, so you can be more competitive and receive more income in your sales is to OWN...

    The person I worked for got a cut from all 20 agents under her.

    Nevertheless, Because I too, am a consumer...I went through Agents website for Host Agency claiming to be #1, for my TOP 5 Host Agency I'd franchise with.

    I can tell you if you don't have booking capabilities, that was a

    NO GO FOR ME'. I am very tech SAVVY & need a Franchise that is on top of the NEW Age Changes.

    Just because you allow a client to book one thing, doesn't mean you fit the bill as being a bookable site.

    As a customer, who was shopping for travel twice over, I loved the capability of being able to book my own travels... That included Resorts, Hotels, Flights, Car, & Cruises, all with Cruise Planners & because I am a Generation X individual, and when I'm ready to book...I'm Ready...

    I don't need an agent to, but love those sites that don't restrict me to only book with an agent. My clients are the same way.

    Because of this fact and several others that matched my Top 5 must haves, as well as speaking with other female Franchise Owners of Cruise Planners,I'd say I'm not disappointed. I am truly a person who has that 'DRIVE' individually, and can't wait for the journey.

    I love the product & the technology with it's booking capabilities. It is an extra charge for that, but, I am willingly going to pay $59.00 for my clients to have the capabilities to book their trips online..

    BTW, I am with a top 20 Host agency as a regular TA, and I have to pay $60.00 a month for a site, that only allows the clients to book hotels ONLY...Nothing else and it doesn't even report commissions for you...Funny, but This is the website set up by the host agency.

    Next month, I will be a full Franchisee.

    I would love to have this follow up conversation this time next year.

    I started 5 months ago as an TA with a host agency and have booked over $20k already in sales, however, my commissions are minuscule, and you get no leads or marketing material personalized for you.

    However, As an owner, my commissions will be rather nice and all my marketing is included, with a bookable site. If it doesn't work, well..That's another tax right off & business will be business...

    But hey, Keeping it REALLY OPTIMISTIC & I'm Ready to Rock!

    Don't believe, just watch!

    My apologies I can't rate it as an owner right now, but based off what I have seen as a customer, I'd give it a 5.
    • So it's been a year now. I'm considering Cruise Planners franchise. How is it going for you?
    • Really optimistic Female,

      It's been a year. Are you still optimistic, and if so, why?

      I'm considering this franchise (I have no booking experience).

    • TVMATheTea

      July 12, 2019 at 3:11 pm

      Hey Guys, Guess whose Back & Keeping her Word?

      It's the 'Really Optimistic Female':

      The 1st post I made: The Really Optimistic Female posted on July 10, 2018 at 11:51 pm

      Here is my 1 year review:

      Today, I have been an owner over a year. I have ranked a Top 5 Franchisee twice this year, besides a host of other 'Fun-Tastic' Things I've got going on which makes this Brand a perfect fit for me...This journey has been amazing...

      I promise if I were to listen to some of these negative reviews, I wouldn't have been able to see what I could be on my own today...I'm not that person though...I'm uniquely different...& Uniquely, CP works for me. I proudly rank Cruise Planners as a TOP 5 Franchisee...

      Today, I have 3 Associates under me...As a franchise owner, I know I made the right decision... I am #TVMATheTea better known as LaTonya White ...

      My team & I Proudly represent the #Cruisitude Power of Cruise Planners.
    • I would be interested in a follow up on your comments. I am with a host agency and considering a change to a franchise owner :-)
    • Where is a good place to get in with host agency? One that provides training, website, Brochures, all tools needed.

      I have no travel agent experience but we'll traveled and understand the concept I do have 20 of business and GM . I am looking at Cruise Planners recommend by CNN but your review has me second guessing. I have home office fully equipped ready to go. Please email me

      Paymking at g mail thank you
  • Hi, I looked into this whole Cruise Planners Franchise thing and honestly think it's ridiculous to pay them $10K. But, I don't know what a host agency is. Please enlighten me so I can look into it. Thanks a bunch!
    • Where is a good place to get in with host agency? One that provides training, website, Brochures, all tools needed.

      I have no travel agent experience but we'll traveled and understand the concept I do have 20 of business and GM . I am looking at Cruise Planners recommend by CNN but your review has me second guessing. I have home office fully equipped ready to go. Please email me

      Paymking at g mail thank you
  • I owned a CP franchise and I would recommend anyone to DON'T DO IT! A complete SCAM their tools are out dated, selling franchises is how they make money not selling travel. Buyer Beware!
    • Where is a good place to get in with host agency? One that provides training, website, Brochures, all tools needed.

      I have no travel agent experience but we'll traveled and understand the concept I do have 20 of business and GM . I am looking at Cruise Planners recommend by CNN but your review has me second guessing. I have home office fully equipped ready to go. Please email me

      Paymking at g mail thank you
  • Right what is the host agency that is referred on this site..
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