Cruise Planners Franchise – Legit or Scam?
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Cruise Planners Franchise, found online at, is a franchise opportunity for people who are interested in running their own independent travel agency business out of their home.

A franchise is an independently owned business opportunity where the owner pays fees for using the knowledge, business practices, and other proprietary information of an already established business.

The Cruise Planners Franchise website says that they are one of the most successful, affordable franchises currently available on the market, with just an initial investment of $10,495 required.

The Promises

The Cruise Planners website says that their opportunity is perfect for people with no travel agency experience, because they offer you a six day training program with your franchise purchase so you are prepared with how to best establish your business and interact with your corporate support team.

They encourage their newest team members to begin running their business part time, so they can ease into their industry and become comfortable with company policies and practices.

Cruise Planners Franchise promises their newest franchise owners that this is an incredibly easy franchise to be successful with, as they have been successful for more than 20 years and the cruising industry has seen growth each year for the last 30 years, including double digit growth in the last ten years. In fact, they says that the travel industry is a recession proof industry, perfect for someone interested in owning their own business.

The Concerns

As an affordable franchise opportunity that is partnered with the American Express Travel organization, Cruise Planners probably could be a very decent independently owned business opportunity.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of problems with the way this company promotes and sells this opportunity. Claiming that someone with no experience in the travel industry should feel no concerns with owning a travel agency is ridiculous, but not nearly as ridiculous as claiming that travel is a “recession proof industry,” when travel is in fact one of the very first and very hardest hit industries during times of economic trouble.

Another issue not being addressed by this company is the fact that travel agencies have been an industry almost eradicated by the internet, since most people make their own travel plans online or use mobile applications and websites to find the best prices and itineraries for their needs.

The truth is that this franchise opportunity may not be a bad idea, however it is impossible to know that or trust that since their sales page spends so much time directly lying to their potential franchise owners.

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  • We hired a agent from Hagerstown Md Kim Roberts to plan a London Paris trip for my daughter and her dad We asked for costs and suggestions Instead she didnt listen to what my daughter wanted planned and booked things she thought she should do She said she couldn't give up price of trip until we booked and paid for what she chose then we could go back and change She wouldn't listen to what my daught wanted instead sent private message to my husbamd saying he should just give money to her and let her go alone She was not appreciative of gift he was willing to pay for She made comments an agent who was hired to do a job should make We fired her told her to send cks back since we had not signed anything she says she will rip cks up Again she didn't listen to what we asked We had to pay to put stop payment on ck Don't use this agency They want to book ehat they think you shiuld do jot ehat you are ask8ng for She was caught in sevrral lies also When asked about it blamed on third party
  • Do not buy a franchise. You get the exact same thing with a host agency for a few hundred a year. I mean everything. Marketing, website, mailers, ta=raining, discount travel and great travel partners who give you the best pricing. CP claims to do that but trust me as an owner it doesn't. They are extremely expensive and not competitive. Very frustrating when you are marketing and hustling and realize you are so much more expensive. They are only popular because they scammed so may people into spending 10k!
    • Where is a good place to get in with host agency? One that provides training, website, Brochures, all tools needed.

      I have no travel agent experience but we'll traveled and understand the concept I do have 20 of business and GM . I am looking at Cruise Planners recommend by CNN but your review has me second guessing. I have home office fully equipped ready to go. Please email me

      Paymking at g mail thank you
    • I am curious what host agency do you use? I have been trying to decide but with no experience it is confusing which one to invest in.
    • What is a host agency and how do you go about finding one?
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