Cruises Inc Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 1 reviews Review It is the online home of Cruises Inc, a company that says they want to give people the chance to earn money selling cruises and vacation deals from the comfort of their own home.

Their website says that Cruises Inc offers people the flexibility to work when, where, and how often you want, without any experience required and with no-long term commitments.

This is because you will not be an employee of Cruises Inc; rather, they allow you to establish your own personal independent business where you will be paid in direct relation to what you sell.

What They Say

It will cost people a $249 enrollment fee, due immediately, in order to sign up for their Virtual Training Program. Members will need to fully complete their training before they will become an official independent contractor on behalf on Cruises Inc.

Once you begin, you will be able to sell your customers cruises on virtually every cruise line in the world because of the alliances Cruises Inc has made with the major cruise lines. Agents are also encouraged to sell additional products, including Travel Protection, Shore Excursions, Land Packages, Escorted Tours, Independent Tours, All-Inclusive Resorts, Hotels, and Villas.

Their website says that agents will earn commissions between 60% and 100% of the product or reservation you have sold, depending on the supplier. Their website says that they will pay their agents commissions every two weeks, but they never promise their agents a minimum earning.

What to Consider

As has been pointed out repeatedly on travel blogs and websites that discuss the profitability of selling cruises to customers, a significant portion of cruise prices these days are what is called Non-Commissionable Fees. These are the fees which are paid to government regulations and other costs associated with cruises on which agents cannot earn commissions.

The example Cruises Inc uses to predict income is a cruise that has a commissionable price of $2000, which is really significant because NCFs often average around 30% of the cost of any cruise. In addition, due to some difficulties experienced by cruise companies in recent years, many of them are dropping their prices lower to encourage people to continue taking cruises.

This does not mean that independent contractors who wish to become Cruises Inc agents will not be able to earn money with this opportunity; in fact, many agents have found financial success by selling the available travel additions like travel protection and shore excursions.

The bottom line is simply that it’s just important that people understand the time and effort it will take for them to be able to turn a profit with this line of work.

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  • Larry Harrell/ Cruises Inc. was the best agent I have ever worked with ! Experienced, knowledgeable, charming, Larry was a joy to work with and took care of every detail of my vacations. I will absolutely use him from now on.
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