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Crush Global, found online at, is a new company which says their goal is to give people ways to earn money on all kinds of products they need and use each day, while also earning a new stream of income.

This company promises that they take a unique approach to valuing their customer’s experiences and savings, even “above the company bottom line,” so that they can give their customers every opportunity for value, savings, and rewards.

They also provide their customers with an opportunity to represent their company and sell their products and services to additional customers as a way to make money.

What to Know about Crush Global

This company says that they provide their members the opportunity to buy a membership to the Crush Club, which offers them the ability to receive deep discounts on products and services that customers use every day, like wireless service, gas and electricity, online shopping, travel services, and more.

Customers do not have to be a member of the Crush Club in order to save either. They are still welcome to purchase some of their available products through the websites without an active membership.

Their earnings opportunity is a similar situation. Customers who are already Crush Club members are welcome to become a representative of the company for just a small additional monthly fee. If you are not a member but wish to become a representative, you are welcome to do so for $399.

The Concerns

When it comes to companies that have a multi-level marketing structure, there are a few things that people should look closely at before they get involved as a representative or agent. The first is always the products they sell.

Unfortunately Crush Global provides little to no information whatsoever on the products they sell, beyond the concept that they are selling people “essential products” through online stores which include things like wireless cell phone service, travel services, “cash back,” and more. The reality is that the vast majority of their website simply discusses the earning opportunity and how much money they believe can be made.

A company that spends all of its time and effort trying to convince people to represent them and sell their products and spends hardly any time showing or proving the quality and necessity of the products they sell is a multi-level marketing company that is actually doomed to fail.

Any long term, successful MLM company builds its success on the quality of its products first and foremost and then on building a well-supported and enthusiastic team of independent consultants second.

Companies who place all their emphasis on recruiting agents – and who charge these agents monthly fees to maintain their active status – are essentially just making money through agent fees. This is not a sustainable way to do business and will never work well for the success of their agents.

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