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Dani Johnson is an American rags to riches story who has recently become quite popular since her appearance on ABC’s “Secret Millionaire.”  At one point in her life, she was living out of her car and working as a waitress when become involved with a Multi Level Marketing company.  She was able to work her way up through the company to being a self made millionaire.

She has since quit the MLM business and moved on to motivational speaking and business coaching.  She travels the nation doing seminars and workshops.  She sells a wide variety of DVD training programs for various business approaches in addition to spiritual/inspirational programs meant to center you and motivate you for success.

Dani Johnson is a devout Christian who often references the Bible and other religious stories and teachings in her own trainings.  This doesn’t mean that her trainings are limited to Christians, simply that part of her business training emphasizes the importance of faith and spiritual strength.

So is Dani Johnson Legit?

Dani Johnson is honestly a self made millionaire.  Customers of her products and trainings rarely have anything negative to say about her, explaining that her story and positive attitude toward the world of business is literally nothing short of inspirational.  Unlike most business training seminars, Dani Johnson is entertaining and motivating.

One of the only real Dani Johnson complaints I could find from any of her previous customers was about the cost of her programs, especially those that focus on MLM business training.  One customer said that while Dani Johnson herself went from poor to rich, she must not remember what it was like to be poor and not have money for the type of programs that Dani is currently selling.

The highest praise Dani Johnson seems to receive is as a motivational speaker.  People truly feel inspired by her story, her energy, and her faith in success.  If you are looking for someone who has been successful in building themselves up in a real life work at home business and who can act as an inspiration to your own business venture, Dani Johnson may be someone to look into.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Dani Johnson " is 2.42 out of 5 based on 12 reviews.
  • Pyramid business....only the rich get richer. More power to her for convincing others to pay her money for what they could have researched on their own. Kudos on living the capitalistic, American dream and profiting from others.
  • Right on because she is true help for those of us who want to build our MLM businesses. We need a way to filter through all the mean spirited people that request information but; when called have a spirit busting negative attitude all set to go.
  • I think you are right. she should know that how it feel to be in need and not having money. she is getting rich from people who looking for fast fix.
  • I signed up for the insider info. It was ALL MLM. She boasts that she can help ALL people, not just MLM. Well.....there is no help from her people, they just say things like, have you tried this? HELLO? MLM!, Have you bought and read this book? YES, I HAVE IT, MLM INFORMATION! Have you signed up for FSTS? Why would I, there is no information here for non-MLM. I have been to the Facebook page, where Dani posts her pretty pictures of their wonderful vacations. I have literally SCREAMED at someone there to help me, even Dani right after she posts her vacation pictures......I get ignored by everyone including DANI....Oh wait, she needs a crap load of my money to help me, even though I have bought much of her stuff!!!

    Don't boast and say if you sign up "I can help you succeed beyond your wildest dreams, if you let me"...ONLY MLM's
    • I've heard Dani speak. She is a decent speaker, but much I find to be "pie-in-the sky" and not rooted in research. There is a big difference between "warm fuzzies" and strategies that are germaine to many people. After all, its typically the common people who need practical answers. I find little of practical, real world value in her publications and spoken work.

      Unfortunately, I have found the same to be true for Hans, her husbands products. Or at least, with re. to Clone My Website who only informed me after inquiry (via tech. ticker submittal) that their supposedly "turn-key" internet platform had shut-down my website -- not due to lack of payment or anything else, but because after 10 months with Clone My Website, and after my wife and I having invested numerous hundreds of dollars and painstakingly critical hours to build a good website -- were told, without notice, that they are not going to keep their contract and provide the hosting, but that we now have to provide it for ourselves--initially a part of the package.

      It seems that whatever profit they derived wasn't enough, but now, at will they demand their subscribers (after in good faith investing to build a website on their platform) obtain their own hosting. Cha' Ching nice way for them to increase their profit isn't it?! We now believe they are not trustworthy and are moving everything all-together, and at great expense.

      More later . . .

    • Dani's classes work for all types of businesses. I'm in the computer business, it's helped me immensely. Almost any of her classes can help you be successful, all you need to do is follow her instructions. That's what I've done, and we've generated 20 to 30% increase in sales and significantly reduced our debt. I hope to be debt-free in the next 12 months, and I would attribute most of it to Dani's teachings to trim the fat and watch my budget. The only way these types of programs work is if you take action on what they tell you. Just reading it is not enough, it's not magically going to happen to you. Good luck!
    • What have you truly done to help yourself succeed. Actual action rather than going to this page to complain?
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