Dan’s Success Plan Reviews – Legit or Scam?

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Dan’s Success Plan is a website, online at DansSuccessPlan.com, that promise to offer people the ability to earn between $500 and $5000 each month from home, with no previous experience necessary.

Dan Webster, the maker of this site, says that he is choosing to share this work at home opportunity, because when new members successfully make money with this system, he makes more money as well.

In addition, the website stresses that Dan himself is not selling anything, and promises that he will never ask you for a single penny. Potentially members should know that there is an option to upgrade to a paid membership with Dan himself at a later time, however.

What It Is

Like the website states, Dan Webster himself is not selling a work at home opportunity at this time. Instead, he is connecting customers with a third party work at home program, called Coffee Shop Millionaire.

The Coffee Shop Millionaire program goes out of its way to distinguish itself as a one-of-a-kind online money making opportunity, though previous members and users have described it as a pretty standard internet marketing training program.

And though Dan Webster will not ask you for money, the Coffee Shop Millionaire program is not free to sign up for and use. In the past, there was a sign up fee required for this program, as well as additional fees for members who needed help setting up and maintaining a website.

The Problems

Dan’s Success Plan is really just an affiliate site trying to get new members to sign up for the Coffee Shop Millionaire training program, and this training program has already been reviewed on this site and cited as a questionable training program due to the outrageous and unrealistic claims and promises it makes to its new members.

In fact, when Coffee Shop Millionaire was first reviewed in the fall of 2012, it was already threatening new members to sign up “NOW” as they would soon be removing their program from the internet and no longer selling it.

Work at home programs that attempt to sell their system through outrageous earnings claims, promises of large amounts of money with hardly any work and no technical experience necessary, and false threats of urgency are generally programs that should not be trusted as ethical and reliable opportunities.

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