Data Network Affiliates Review:
Is a Scam?

Data Network Affiliates is one of several new companies that have built a business centered on data collection. With the current slump in the economy there’s a lot of talk about making money in the repossession and recovery industries.

This is where companies like Data Network Affiliates, primary competitor to Crowd Sourcing International, have carved out their own niche. They have combined network marketing with data collection services. Members of sites like DNA are paid to collect license plate numbers.

This information is then entered into their affiliate data center and sold to supposedly legitimate companies like collections agencies, credit companies, and so on. They even go as far as saying that this information is used by law enforcement in Amber Alert cases.

Then there’s usual MLM spiel about earning a residual income from recruiting members and making money from the data that they gather as well. The main problem with these types of companies, as many legitimate network marketers have pointed out is that there really is no customer or product changing hands.

All you’re doing is paying a company to provide you with a website used to recruit more people to collect this data. It’s clear that the main benefactor in this case is Data Network Affiliates and the BBB has confirmed this in their report on Crowd Sourcing International stating that only 1% of commissions payouts were from the sale of license plate information.

The other issue with DNA and the reason why many prominent network marketers are calling it a data network affiliates scam has to do with safety and privacy concerns. The website is registered off shore in the Cayman Islands which is alarming since they’re in the business of collecting sensitive data from Americans, not to mention the info you give them when you sign up as an independent distributor.

There’s also the fact that they only registered their domain name for one year, now that doesn’t exude much confidence in a business whose owners don’t even think it’ll be around for more than a year. There have also been many DNA reviews that have confirmed or even built upon these suspicions and reason why you shouldn’t join Data Network Affiliates.

Bottom line is that they’re bordering on, if not, operating a pyramid scheme since there really is no product changing hands when you sign someone up to become a member of DNA, all you’re selling is the opportunity.  Now the company claims that the opportunity is free to join, however this gets murky since there are fees for recruitment websites and sales materials.

Overall, it doesn’t look like these companies will be sticking around for the long haul which is something that you should consider before joining one of these Data Network Affiliates type programs.

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