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DigAdz.com is a new pay-to-click and revenue sharing website that offers to compensate members in exchange for watching the chosen advertisements that are sent directly to them.

Advertisers and companies use this website to send their advertisements to DigAdz members who will watch them and not only get reach out to new potential customers but also to give them some feedback on their ads.

As the DigAdz.com member pool grows larger, and members view ads, the advertisers will be able to have access to a more targeted audience. Because of this, they pay DigAdz.com, and in turn DigAdz.com has the ability to pay their members.

How Does DigAdz.com Work?

First, users must sign up for their free accounts and register in order to begin receiving ads on a daily basis. The ads will only be available for certain windows of time, so it is important to view them quickly after they are sent.

The more ads you watch, the more points you will earn. As you earn points, you will become eligible for ads that pay more, as well as to have top priority to receive ads before other members who have collected fewer points.

In addition, members can earn extra compensation by referring new users to this website and signing them up under their personal referral code. Members can appeal to these new users through email, social networking sites, and however else they choose.

What To Consider

Using pay-to-click websites is a legitimate way to earn small amounts of money online. Most of these sites only pay a few cents for each advertisement watched, but DigAdz uses their points system to reward customer loyalty and hopefully provide a way for members to earn more money as time goes on.

The minimum payment withdrawal amount is $5, which is small and seems reasonable, but it may still be a difficult payout amount to reach in the very beginning when you are only earning an average of $0.001 for each ad viewed.

In general, this company doesn’t seem to have many customer complaints regarding the way they do business, but there does seem to be some concern from people familiar with PTC websites, who say that this website still has a fairly small membership base and because of this it will be harder for them to attract major advertisers.

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