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The Direct Pay System is a new work at home opportunity from Tim Berger, creator of previous other work at home systems, which promises people access to “big ticket” commissions.

Berger created this program because he wanted to give people looking for a way to work from home an easy way to earn large commissions, that didn’t necessarily have the complications of a standard MLM business.

What he has offered instead is a company where you can join at one of four different levels, each one with their own costs and benefits, to sell internet marketing training DVD packages and systems in order to make simple – but large – commissions.

What is the Direct Pay System?

Direct pay businesses are unlike other work at home businesses that are multi-level marketing businesses, which require you to build a downline of many different levels and often have complicated payment matrices.

Instead, direct pay says that for each sale you make, you will take 80% of the money earned while 20% of the sale is paid as a commission to your sponsor. The people you recruit to the program, in addition, will pay you 20% of their sales.

This type of payment system is often desirable to many people due to its simplicity, while others who are used to the MLM earning systems may not like working in such a closed structure that does not offer additional earnings opportunities.

What to Consider

Unfortunately, there is not much real information regarding the Direct Pay System. You must be recommended by a sponsor and ready to sign up before you can get the fullest explanation of their system, their payment programs, their costs – essentially, the information you would need to determine whether or not you were interested in pursuing this business.

To encourage new members to sign up, they do offer something they call the “$1000 Reimbursement Policy” which says that if you follow their program correctly for 60 days and cannot get another member to enroll underneath you, they will pay you $1000.

However, these types of guarantee policies are always at the complete discretion of the company, which means they get to decide whether or not you really followed the instructions or really worked hard enough before they decide to honor this guarantee. Essentially, this guarantee should not be a deciding factor for anyone who chooses to work with this program.

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Average Rating for " Direct Pay System " is 1 out of 5 based on 1 reviews.
  • joined dps with great intentions. spent nearly 2,500 up and above the initial $400 and NEVER MADE A PENNY!!!!

    Asked for help over and over and over again and never got any.

    Dont believe the refund policy I pretty much was told where to go and how to get there.

    plan on spending thousands on leads and getting no help from anyone.

    Not for amateurs!!! all hype.

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