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DonkeyMails is another get paid to view advertisements website. As more and more ad money is being redirected to online outlets these websites are becoming increasingly popular. You may already have seen sites where elaborate prize pools or games are set up to entertain you while you view ads.

Donkeymails is one of the oldest get paid to sites having been founded in Feb 2005. While many sites of that era did not make it they have been able to adapt to the many challenges facing this industry.

They are now offering a variety of advertising and reward option tied into the Bitcoin platform. Something none of their competitors are doing.

DonkeyMails is heavily promoted on many blogs and websites around the net. Everyone seems to rave about this opportunity to get paid fractions of pennies to click and read advertisers’ emails.

The company compensates you between $.001 – $5.00 for spending 30 sec of your time on their sponsors’ websites. By no means is this a get rich quick method, you’ll be lucky to earn a couple bucks per hr for your efforts.

DonkeyMails encourages you to supplement this income through several methods. You can upgrade your membership resulting in several bonuses. For each additional level that you upgrade they will increase the amount of times they display your referral link on their website. So you basically pay them to help you recruit a large down line and increase your profits.

The one thing that stands out about DonkeyMails as apposed to other get paid to websites is that they have an incredibly small payout level. Depending on which payment processor you use you can cash out as soon as you hit $1.

Paid to read emails programs are quite popular nowadays because they’re free to join and pay out a little change here and there, but in reality they’re not free. You’re spending your time, your valuable time which could be spent much more productively, literally in exchange for pennies. I believe, as should you, that your time is much more valuable than that.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " DonkeyMails " is 1.26 out of 5 based on 19 reviews.
  • At this time ,for 3 days, I can't access for it just says " Services for this domain have been discontinued ". Whaaaaat? It's a scam! I wasted my sleepless nights....
  • The site paid me 7 times through PayPal over 1 year. But since it's not working. Whenever I log in to the site it redirects me to another page. I think it might have been for sale from now or some other website owner had occupied it.
  • Their site shows there is no minimum payout amount if you use ok pay, i joined this site after 5 months of hard clicking all i was able to make was .3690 cents, the internet money i spent was also at loss, but i didnt regret joining this site bcoz they were showing no limit for withdraw, yesterday when i asked for payout through ok pal they are showing that the minimum withdrawal amount is 1 dollar if they told this earlier i woundnt have joined this scam site.unbelievanle scammers they are advertising everwhere no minimum payout
  • donkey mail is not legit and the good review are their staff , i tried and my friend tried but they didnt pay us, waste of time donekymail
  • I have been a member of donkey mails since a while now and earned upto 4 dollars with a huge effort after wasting my time and data.. Today only I understoood this is a scam site.. My last payment request was processed and they sent a message informing that they have sent the payment to my paypal email and after I checked I got to know that it was a lie.. then when I submitted a ticket to the site they informed me that payment was rejected and asked to provide a valid paypal email.. I would like to inform that my paypal email is valid and it is "Donkey mails scam site that cancel the accounts without ven a reason or a notice when members request thier cash earning.. This is very shameful and unethical.. Donkey mails site is 100% scam and I would tell everyone I know to not to register in their site.. So not good to cheate people and waste their time and efforts..
  • 100% SCAM Donkey mails.They will never pay you and tell all the rules to make you work and then when you ask for payout they will reset the earnings by mentioning some funny rules and make you work again and then next payout request they will find some other that maximum possible they will utilize you.Don't even waste a second on the SCAM site.
  • My account is suspended. Inspite of repeated remainders, they are not replying back.
  • Yes, Its true, Even My Account has been suspended. I worked hard to reach $1.25 and suddenly next day, when I tried to login it said "My Account Is Suspended" I raised a problem ticket with them, BUT as anticipated NO REPLY.

    Friends, Do not join this, Join some other good PTCs and Paid mail programs.

    Pls avoid it and save ur self from wasting your time.
  • Donkeymails is rubbish,worse than a scam.After months of clicking,wasting time and resource just to reach their minimum of $1,they cancelled my account when i was some few cents away from getting paid;when i contacted them,they refused to reply. Heaven knows why ptc sites like them still exist.
  • they cancelled my account 7 times.
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