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doTerra is a company established in 2008 by a group of both healthcare and business professionals who wanted to bring the “life enhancing” benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils to a wider market.

According to the website, essential oils have been celebrated for centuries for having both positive health and therapeutic benefits. Perhaps essential oils are best known for aromatherapy, the healthful properties that certain smells can bring to users.

Currently doTerra sells 25 essentials oils as well as 10 oil blends, but they are planning in the future to expand their variety of health products. Their products are sold entirely through independent consultants.

The Business Opportunity

doTerra is not sold in stores. Instead, their products are purchased through consultants who represent the company. These consultants work from home, selling their products to an existing customer base, through parties and events, and from personalized websites.

Becoming a doTerra consultant requires a registration fee of $35, as well as the need for an enrollment kit. Consultants will get all products at a 25% discount, the ability to earn free product credits, the ability to recruit new consultants into their downline and earn bonuses.

Consultants will also be given a customizable website which will not cost them anything in monthly fees. This website can function as your virtual office and be shared with your customers so that they can order from you whenever they need.

Being Successful in Network Marketing

Network marketing, or multi level marketing, is one of the oldest forms of independent, at home business, and some people have great success with the opportunities and find them to be very lucrative.

Other people, however, can struggle with the type of networking and salesmanship necessary to make a real living with this type of business. In order to sign up as a consultant for doTerra, you must contact a current representative who lives in your regional area.

Before meeting with that representative, it would be beneficial for you to look up some articles and advice regarding network marketing online, so you are prepared to ask the representative real questions about their work and what they feel you would need to bring to this opportunity to be truly successful in the way you wish to be.

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