DreamJobAlert.com Reviews – Legit or Scam?

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DreamJobAlert.com claims to be a new jobs database helping people find a new – or better – job. All you need to find the next job for you is to give DreamJobAlert your personal contact info and your address, and they’ll find the jobs nearest to you.

When I tried to use DreamJobAlert.com to see what jobs they had listed in my area, I was told there were almost 80,000 jobs in my area that I might qualify for. However, before I was able to access this job list, I needed to answer some questions.

DreamJobAlert.com proceeds to ask you a series of questions regarding whether or not you would like to further your education, qualify for a scholarship to further your education, receive a check for completing a survey, change your health insurance, etc etc.

In fact, I was never able to see a single job online at DreamJobAlert.com.

What’s the Deal?

Well, with the current state of the economy and the difficulty in finding and getting jobs, there has been a huge surge in “jobs database” websites that unfortunately will never show you a job listing.

Instead, these fake jobs databases are there to get your contact information so they may give it to their advertising partners and affiliate companies. If you answer “yes” to any question they ask you about receiving more information, you are agreeing to have your contact information sold to third parties who will email, mail, and call you regarding information or opportunities.

Are There Any Real Jobs Databases?

Yes, there still are real jobs databases online. In fact, DreamJobAlert.com will even link you to a couple.

However, most jobs databases websites have become a marketplace for advertisers bidding for your contact information. Almost all of them will ask you some sort of questions regarding “more information.”

If you are asked questions about receiving information from other companies regarding education, credit scores, unemployment surveys, government grants, or insurance deals, remember to say “no” unless you are ok with being contacted by advertisers.

Many of these sites will eventually bring you to their jobs database once you have finished answering their questions, however some like DreamJobAlert.com will just take you to a survey page where you can “get money” in exchange for giving them even more personal information. Sites like these should be avoided.

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