3 Ways to Earn Income at Home
Without Being Scammed…

These days many people are interested in learning about different ways to earn income at home. Searching online is a great place to start but you really need to know what you’re looking for. It is estimated that for every 1 legitimate online opportunity there are roughly 60 scams. This begs the question… is earning income at home a scam in general?

The best thing that you can do to protect yourself and ensure that your search for income at home is productive is to get specific. Do not simply go to Google and type in generic terms like make money online, you want to learn about specific opportunities that you may be interested and then research the leading websites in that field.

For instance if you searched “income at home” you may find a website like income-at-home.com, a site that may look legit but is really nothing more than a collection of classifieds for costly work at home offers. By focusing on specific types of work you’re interested in you’ll greatly limit your contact with potentially fraudulent offers.

Below is a list of 3 different opportunities for earning income at home along with lists of websites that you can use to get started today.

Get an Online Job…

If you want to earn income at home then the first and most obvious solution is to get a job. Unfortunately many of the aforementioned scams specifically target people searching for work at home. To avoid falling for any kind of schemes the best thing you can do is go to the source. Find forums or job boards that focus on the kind of work you want to do. For instance there are many legit jobs in the customer service industry.

You can get a job as a customer service representative and earn income at home by fielding customer’s questions and providing them with support.

Another growing trend is the use of crowd sourcing to get projects done. Companies may post a work order online and allow people from all over the world to contribute. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk program is a perfect example of this.

You can get paid for doing micro jobs that companies can’t complete through the use of computers or would incur too many costs through traditional labor options. Check out our full list of Legitimate Work From Home Jobs.

Write for a Living…

Writing is one of the easiest ways to get income at home; with the growth of blogging and content publishing as a business model there’s never been more demand for writers. Websites are always in need of new content and they’re glad to pay for it. The best way to find writing work is to become a member at one of the many freelance forums and bid on open projects.

Not only can you find short term work but if you do well and impress your employer a small gig can often turn into long term or even permanent employment.

The other route that you can take is to submit your content to websites that offer revenue share opportunities. They will provide you with the platform to host your content on and in return for your work they will split the ad revenue that your articles generate. You can get started with our list of real Writing Jobs.

Generate Income at Home With a Website…

If you’re serious about making more than just a supplemental income online then this is the route you have to take. With a website you open yourself up to a variety of income sources, primarily making money through Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing.

The best part is that you no longer need to be a computer or programming expert to make money with a website. Blogging has allowed anyone with a passion for sharing their thoughts, articles, reviews, or advice on virtually any topic.

As long as you can get people to come to your site and read what you have to say you can make money through advertising or product recommendations. Learn more about this method in our comprehensive Make Money Online Guide.

We hope that you’ve found this list of ways to generate income at home ideas helpful, feel free to leave comments below and share this resource with those who may need it.

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  • I was about to get that kit or kid whatever. I was really pleased to find out the answers i was looking for. thanks guy . I will not be getting that stuff.
  • I heard supervisor in background saying I was crazy because I wanted to pay with paypal for security reasons. Very professional company, huh?

    He sounded like they just pulled him out of a corn field.
  • I will check into it. But I do not intend to 'proselytize' others. If this is another Amway "make the top dog (Wolves) rich" scheme, then I will reject it.

    I am not a blasphemous christian. I do not beleive in financially raping others with lies and half truths.
  • its multi level marketing which actually means pyramid scheme. they keep telling you that you have to spend money to make money. but when you spend money on their kits, all you get are dvd's of people telling you how rich they are. not helpful at al/ don't waste your time or money
  • I did liveops and it paid 25 cents a minute per talk time. Sometimes I made $2 a hour and sometimes $15 a hour but since I was at home I cleaned and did things in between calls. It is a good job but my kids (I homeschool) hated it because they had to be so quiet all the time. Im looking for something I can do while my kids are here. This other thing sounds like a scam. Oh well.
  • I returned the starter kit within the trial period and now 1 month later I just got charged the $39.95.????? I got a delivery confirmation and the status was delivered. I threw the delivery confirmation away after seeing delivered status and now I don't know what to do. You can't get ahold of anyone of course so I'm wandering if legal action can take place.
    • Part of their business model is probably to make it difficult to stop the credit card charges.
    • You have a some options:

      1. Most important thing to do is to contact your credit card company and "Contest the charge". Once contested, you don't have to pay the charge or pay interest on it until it's resolved.

      2. Contact your State's Attorney General's office and complain of fraud. The Feds also have the Bureau of Consumer Protection at www.ftc.gov/bcp/index.shtml

      3. If you returned it via USPS, that's mail fraud. The Postmaster General can prosecute them (and will, they love the publicity).

      4. You may be able to get a copy of the receipt if you paid for shipping via credit card. Most places can get the receipt for you with a date and credit card number. Go to the place you shipped it from.
    • You may be able to get a copy of the receipt from the shipper. If you shipped it by USPS, they should be able to find the transaction by date and address. You can get the date from your credit card statement, if you paid that way. UPS and FedEx will be easier to work with. But one thing you CAN do is contest the charge with your credit card company.

      Remember your jurisdiction's District Attorney, the State Attorney General and the Federal Consumer Protection Agency all get paid by your taxes. They work for you. Communicate with them.

      But the first thing to do is contest the charge. You don't have to pay a contested charge, or interest on it. But there's a time limit (60-90 days on most cards) to contest it, from the time the charge was made.
  • I'm glad I searched this site. I was just scammed for $50,000 in a scam with the Tax Club and there affiliates. Glenn Beck say's "the truth lives here"on his show and now I know it is what he thinks the truth is and not what actually is the truth.
  • Does anyone knows the return address to return the DVD information ? I of course fell for this but is still within the trial period. I’m going to mail back the materials via Fedex, to be sure. Just hard to find their mailing address anywhere….and hard to have anyone to "reply" to my question via their website email.

  • In today's economic atmosphere we who are needing to supplement/find a job on line or "stay at home job" must be ever so careful! Sharks are all over the NET/TV/Radio and they go thru very,very elaborate schemes to trap their prey/victims.Its All about the Money.....your money/my money in their bank accounts.Do your homework,Pray,read reviews.Everyone can't be wrong about the same elaborate money grabbing, unscrupulous Ponzi smelling scheme called "Income at Home USA.com".......O'yeah I almost forgot.IF IT WALKS LIKE A DUCK,QUACKS LIKE A DUCK.....IT IS A DUCK! Save your Money.
    • I'm with you I just got took on there scam two days ago. Thing is the link was sent to me from my step fathers email with his contacts included, so I trusted it. Turn out to be that worm email or something? I have a job but was looking to supplement income maybe even get ahead a little. But they got me for $200. I didn't break me but it sure does make you mad when you get scammed!!!!!. I really hope, "what comes around goes around"
  • reading it sounds great!!! after reviewing it and reading all the posts people put here it sounds like S&%#t. I think the good posts few and far between were put by the scumbags. I mean scammerz Nothing like kicking someone when they are already feeling like there at the end or even looking for a new start. these people should be prosecuted and shut down immediately they think its not right. dont let them keep screwing everyone.
    • Please see Dave's comment above! I totally agree Greg!!! I wish the best for you and yours, and still hope what comes around goes around, you low life.scammers
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