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Earn4Share, found online at Earn4Share.com, is a work at home opportunity that claims their members can earn $500 the very first day they sign up, by doing very simple activities they say will only take 5 to 10 minutes at a time.

Their website describes themselves as an “innovative” new job site, where members can create an account and begin completing the small tasks mentioned above for an “estimated award” that will be paid to via your choice of payment processor.

It is free to create an account with Earn4Share and they claim that you are guaranteed to earn a minimum of $1500 in the very first week you begin completing your tasks with their company.

The Red Flags

Companies paying people to work from home on small, easily accomplished tasks is a new type of opportunity called crowdsourcing. These tasks are those that have been determined as easy for people, but difficult for computers, and has become a popular work from home opportunity.

Unfortunately, Earn4Share does not appear to be a respectable crowdsourcing opportunity. Instead of providing real crowdsourcing tasks, what they really want their members to do is promote their website by posting referral links on forums and social networking sites.

Finally though the website claims that you are “guaranteed” to earn $1500 within your first week, there are no Terms & Conditions which detail this “guarantee,” which essentially makes it meaningless.

In addition, the minimum members must earn before being able to withdraw a payout is $300, which is ridiculously high. A payout this high is generally used by companies who are trying to get you to work essentially for free, as it will take far too long for members to reach this payout level.

Legit Opportunities

Thankfully users who are interested in crowdsourcing have a variety of opportunities from major companies who have gotten involved with hosting crowdsourcing opportunities, like Amazon Mechanical Turk, CloudCrowd, and Lionbridge Technologies.

You should always remember, however, that because these tasks are so quick and easy to complete that they don’t pay much – these opportunities are best suited for simply earning some supplemental income.

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Average Rating for " Earn4Share Reviews " is 2 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.
  • I earned more than 1.000$ on referralvibe.com ... And I complete the offers and they dont pay me .. I contacted them but they NEVER email me back Hahaha They are so fake .. To anyone that read this dont USE this site its a SCAM
  • This website and weeklyyouthpay are the worst, Don't waste your time on these sites and also the support people are the worst nobody will respond to your emails
  • It is usefull information, as someone who tried Earn4Share,and did not receive one red cent. And I surpassed the $300 amount that was listed. I have sent "way to many" emails, to which I have received no response. My question is this;Who is legally responsible for this company?
    • EARN4SHARE IS A SCAM WATCHOUT THEY HAVE A NEW WEBSITE ReferralVibe.com Earn 10$ for every 30 second Task DONOT FALL FOR THIS JUNK.
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