Easiest System Ever Reviews – Legit or Scam?

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The Easiest System Ever is a portal page and a program available at RenegadeSuccess.com created by internet marketer Devon Brown who says that his system can give anyone a chance to make money online.

According to the Easiest System Ever webpage, this independent business opportunity is a breakthrough system that takes the guesswork out of making money online and creates autopilot commissions.

Actually, there are two different programs you can choose: the WebCopyCat program is for internet marketing beginners which you can try for $5, or the Easiest System Ever which is for people who may have more experience, for an unpublished price.

The Claims

According to the website, this independent business opportunity includes a complete business system, where everything will be done for you within one day, including autopilot list building and traffic generation solutions.

But maybe the most important part of the Easiest System Ever is that they claim they will close all your sales for you, and you will simply receive commission checks between $120 and $4800 from fourteen different streams of income.

WebCopyCat, on the other hand, says that if you know how to cut and paste you can have your own profitable business in just 27 minutes using their software that is designed for “non techie” people.

The ten “ready to go” internet businesses available from this program will earn you at least $5,000 a month and is available for a ten day trial, after which you will pay a cost of $67 a month to maintain it.


All of this sounds really great, but again, this concept of an independent business you can do at home with only two hours of work a week and earn a minimum of $5000 per month with just “copying and pasting” is likely too good to be true.

Which is not to say that the WebCopyCat software isn’t good for non-techies, or that the autopilot list building and sale closing of the Easiest System Ever aren’t good tools, but just that if you are going to earn the commissions and money they are quoting, you’ll probably have to do much, much – much – more than just copy and paste two hours a week.

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