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The Easy Shift App, found online at EasyShiftApp.com, is a new mobile application that gives people the ability to find and complete basic “tasks” in order to earn extra money in their part time.

This mobile application money earning opportunity is very similar to crowdsourcing, a newly popular way to make money where companies take projects and break them into very simple tasks which can be easily completed.

People volunteer to complete these basic tasks in exchange for a small monetary compensation, and they can do as many or as few tasks as they like to earn extra money each month.

How Does It Work?

After you sign up with their application, you will be able to check the Shifts available in your local area. The website says these Shifts should be available all around you, whether at your local coffee house, gas station, grocery store, and many other locations near you.

These Shifts are designed to only take a few minutes to complete, depending on what they are. Some times these tasks are as simple as taking a picture or giving your opinion on something you see or try at local business.

All Shifts will have a posted “reservation period” listed that explains the amount of time you have to complete your task once you have accepted it. If you do not complete your Shift during this time period, it will be re-released to the public and can be taken by anyone else with availability.

Is It Legit?

Crowdsourcing is a legitimate way to earn from home, traditionally speaking, or in the case of the Easy Shift App, people are able to earn while they are out running errands, on their lunch break from work, or getting ready to meet up with friends.

Like other popular crowdsourcing companies, including Amazon Mechanical Turk and Lionbridge Technologies, the Easy Shift App gives their members points when they successfully complete their Shifts, which allows them to move up a “level.”

The higher the levels you achieve, the more access you have to higher paying Shifts and Shifts in your area in general. This company also promises to pay their users within 48 hours of processing their completed Shift.

For the most part, this mobile application and money earning opportunity seems to be fairly legitimate as it follows the industry standards set by other crowdsourcing companies. Customers who are interested can download and try this app for free.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Easy Shift App Reviews " is 2.38 out of 5 based on 13 reviews.
  • Yep these people are scammers. They ask you to jobs that take sometimes an hour and reject your work, but of course keep your photos. Then take weeks to pay you. Customer service is a joke with generic emails. Don't waste your time at all.
  • Yep these people are scammers. They ask you to jobs that take sometimes an hour and reject your work, but of course keep your photos. Then take weeks to pay you. Customer service is a joke with generic emails. Don't waste your time at all.
  • Is there a legit company such as easyshift that really works?
  • Easy shift is not simple, it is NOT fun, and it is not a way to earn cash and other rewards using your smartphone.

    What Easy Shift IS....is a predatory business model designed to make tasks impossible for the worker in order to run off with the pertinent information the company needs for free.

    This is how the scam works. You accept a job, and begin working. But!.....surprise! There's a bit more to the job than you expected. Let's say, taking pictures of candy at a grocery store.

    In addition to taking pictures of the candy, though....they also want you to take photos of each check out lane pole. Each pole must be in the picture fully, from top to bottom. And no other poles may be included in each pic. This requirement they make "shift dependent". Meaning, without it, they will reject the whole job, keep the info, and not pay you.

    You can see where this is going.

    So, the meat of the "job", basically, what Easy Shift's clients want to know, is about the candy. Where it is, it's price, how it's being marketed. The checkout lane pole requirement....well, that's just there so that Easy Shift gets to have the information for free by rejecting the job done. It's completely predatory, especially because the parts of the job that are designed to make you fail, appear AFTER the REAL information needed has already been accumulated.

    This is a totally predatory business model, and this 3rd year law student smells a class action lawsuit in the making, which could bring some much needed regulation to crowdsourcing apps of the future. So, perhaps Easy Shift is serving it's purpose for future generations, but right now....it just sucks.
  • If I didn't need the money, I would not waste my time. This has been an extremely unethical company in regards to their business practices and their treatment of the people who sign up to do their work for them. Recently, they asked for us to go into Target stores to do a survey (take pictures) of beverage coolers. However, they forgot to add in a question w/ picture prompt in that shift. They blamed their forgetfulness and bad editing on the people doing the job. They then fixed the problem with the questions, but refused to pay the people who did what was asked of them, and continued to blame others for their mistakes - pretending that there was never a problem. I literally lost $50, a quarter tank of gas, and about 5 hours of my time just to have them spit in my face. They will find any excuse to not pay you what you are due. Do any job, and they will literally make up things to not pay you for. They never apologize, never take responsibility for their mistakes, and are always quick to blame the worker - not themselves. They are an extremely unethical organization and I will be reporting them to the FTC and the BBB. Do not sign up for them unless you literally do not mind free labor. Because that is what it is: theft, slavery, and dishonesty. However, when they DO pay you, it is always very quickly. That is the only upside to them, is that when they do decide to be "generous", they'll pay you quickly.
    • I should note that this is NOT the first time they have cheated me out of my hard-earned money over something that was their mistake and beyond my control. This has happened about 8 times since I started with them in late September of 2016.
  • Lately they reject a lot of shifts. They are getting too picky with the quality of shifts that people do. If your photo is deemd the slightest bit of blurry or if you miss one display, they will reject the whole job you just did. It does not matter if you spent 30 minutes doing the shift and 12 miles in gas - they do not care about you. They will not explain exactly why the shift was rejected either. They do not reply to messages or emails when you ask them for a reason. Be careful with this company. They are shady.
  • underpaid for your time

    automated customer service

    if a store ends up being closed good luck getting ur money

    I would rather hand wash cars in Alaska wearing a speedo for $8/hr
  • how to sign up , from morocco country?
  • I've been doing it for 3 years now and it used to be one of my favorite ways to make money (and a lot of it). Now it's horrible. They've decreased the pay so much that now to do any shifts, you wont make enough to cover your gas. Greed will kill a business.....
  • It's a dummy mission
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