Easy Typing Cash Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Easy Typing CashEasy Typing Cash (easytypingcash.com) is a new program that makes the standard make money from home claims.  The owner, Tim Thomas, says that if you follow his course you’ll learn how to make a lot of money typing simple articles, blog posts, and placing media.

Whenever I come across an online program that has anything to do with typing or writing I’m immediately put on guard.  The reason is because the majority of these programs use misleading pitches to target data entry from home job seekers.

Most of these data entry scams have been shut down by now, however since data entry work is still in such high demand proponents of these scams are finding new and more clever ways to abuse this niche with false information.

So what’s Inside Easy Typing Cash?

Based on the income claims made on the sales page of Easy Typing Cash, it’s fairly clear that this not a standard job or straightforward writing opportunity.  Only professional writers get paid up to $75.00 for one short article and up to $35.00 for a blog post, so how is that any customer of Easy Typing Cash can make that much money.

The answer is simple; they are not selling a traditional writing job, what you’ll learn is basic affiliate marketing strategies that involve writing and typing.  This is a clear example of the aforementioned strategies used to mislead data entry job seekers.

The only way to make the kind of money promised by Easy Typing Cash is by earning commissions through product promotion.  Basically they’ll instruct you to write hype articles and show you were to submit them for maximum exposure.  The process works as follows: someone reads one of your articles, follows your affiliate link to the product website, completes a purchase, you then earn a  commission – usually 30 to 50 percent of the sale price.

This same concept applies to blog posts, you can start a blog on any topic you wish and sell appropriate products or eBooks from your posts.

So is Easy Typing Cash a Scam or Not?

Technically the course is not a scam, as long as you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.  Internet marketing is not easy and if you choose to run your promotions on major search engines you need to have an advertising budget prepared that might not be recouped.

The bottom line is that you need to forget any notions about getting paid for writing/typing.  The process of earning money involves, choosing a product to promote, writing about said product, getting your article/blog post to rank (involves learning SEO), and finally getting paid upon completion of a sale.

Now there is nothing wrong with this process but Easy Typing Cash misleads you about the true nature of what they’re selling and make it seem like all you have to do is write a couple paragraphs and wait for the cash to roll in.  The other little bit of deception is in the true cost of the course.

For the initial $47 payment you will get the Easy Typing Cash tutorial but you’ll also be automatically enrolled in a 7 day trial period of something called the Instant Money Toolkit, it’s not clear what this additional program is but if you don’t cancel in time they’ll bill you $39.95 a month until you do so.  If you’ve purchased the course and want to opt out of this costly program you can call 1-800-207-1132 to cancel.

Overall, I would advise proceeding with caution with EasyTypingCash, they’re not confident enough of their product to market it as what it is, an internet marketing course, instead they disguise it as a make money typing opportunity.  They also throw in that monthly auto bill, a clear attempt to fleece their customers.

Now these transgressions could be excused if they were offering a stellar product, but unfortunately customer reviews paint a different story.  The majority of people who’ve purchased the course have reported dissatisfaction on many consumer report websites.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • WOW

    Fantastic! A real review of a product.

    Im so impressed with your honest original, and independent opinion (and not a rewritten copy of the sales letter).

    Iv booked marked your website for any future reviews on products.

    I dont know you for a bar of soap, but right off the bat you presented like I can trust your opinion, cause you gave information that is not recorded but only found by literally reviewing the product from the inside eg: purchased it.

    Thanks again this has saved me time and money!
  • Wow, i received an email from easytyping wit all kinds of sweet deals... mentioning things like data-entry wit one bloody story abt a guy who was bed-ridden. i thought about it and decide to carry out research and found this site. I love this site, you have just saved alot of hard earned money slipping into the hands of scammers. Write now i am posting a report to my blog to warn anybody abt doing biz wt easytypingcash.com. And to visit this site about other scams.
  • Grace and all the others should be locked up behind bars for their deception and flat out lies they tell the consumers! I have called for my refund and she informed me that it would not be visible until the 27th of march. We should all flood the BBB with our concerns. Has anyone found a legitimate home based business?
  • YES, THIS IS A SCAM! I am having the same problem! I called (800)207-1132 on 2/22/10 and talked with a woman who identified herself as Pauline –I was on hold for over 20 minutes before Pauline answered. I asked her to cancel the order the same day it the money was debited from my account. Pauline said that I would received a credit in 10 days.

    I called (800) 207-1132 again on 3/11/10 conversed with Sue and again was on hold for over 20 minutes before Sue answered and I explained that I had not received by refund. I asked to speak to a supervisor and Sue said that their was no one available to speak with and that a Manager would call within 48 hrs. I never received a return call from anyone. On 3/15/10 I called (800)-207-1132 AGAIN, and Grace answered the telephone. Grace told me that my account was never canceled. I told her that when I called on 3/11/10 , Sue told me that she saw where I had called in on 2/22/10 and that their company is a scam and I demand my refund.

    I also told her that I was calling BBB, Chambers of Commerce and whomever to alert about their SCAM and to prevent them from taking advantage of innocent people. Grace told me that I would receive my refund by Friday 3/19/10. THIS IS RIDICULOUS! From now on, I will read online FIRST about ANY OFFERS! Thanks for all the helpful info.
  • Having been really scammed, I was very skeptical about this website and decided to check it out. I'm very happy I did so. thank you so much for the good work you are doing. There was a time when we could not even believe the reviews bcoz even those who wrote the reviews seemed to be having an agenda of their own and never gave the correct picture. Thank you once again, and God Bless You.
  • Well, I am toast! I gave them my card number before I learned of this scam. So probably the next few days I will try to get my card adjusted back...................especially the $47 I gave them!
  • Thank you for the info. There site would not open, after I paid $27 to start. I called and finally they emailed me, to say I could get on line. So, now that I know what it is, I can just forget about it.

  • I was going to get into this and gave my credit card # for $47 dollars. When they called, I found out that I would have to pay more than 47 dollars to prosper. I looking for something that I can grow into and prosper. If I already had money, why would I want to get off into a home based business
  • Hi,

    I am also in this mess. I was charged $27 the first time i became a member of this easytypingcash program which they managed to cheat me for i did not read the terms and conditions very well. However, i wonder why such people are allowed to operate in the united states while they are cheating people with false promises.

    My question is will they charge me monthly if i do not cancel it? Because it has been more than 10 days since my first membership.

    Thank you,
  • thanks,i told them this was a scam i just told them no to , but do any one no about mail processing, at home i would like to try that i saw that in the pernny saver'
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