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Ebates.com is a rewards website where members can earn up to 25% cash back on their online purchases at over 1,200 online stores without having to redeem points, mail in forms, or pay membership fees.

Rewards websites like Ebates earn a commission when you purchase an item from one of their partner stores. In turn, they pay part of that commission to you to ensure you continue shopping through Ebates at their partner stores.

When you initially register at Ebates.com, you will be asked to choose a bonus $10 gift card. This gift card will be awarded to you after you have earned your first $25 in cash back.

Earning Cash Back

Whenever you are hoping to earn cash back with Ebates, you must use either their website or their downloadable toolbar to access their partner stores.

Even if you have purchased at that store through Ebates previously, you must access that store through Ebates every time to get credit. If Ebates does not receive credit for your purchase then you cannot earn cash back.

If you refer friends and family members to use Ebates, you can also earn cash back on their first purchase through Ebates.

Unfortunately, returns and exchanges of purchased items will cancel out your cash back earnings. When you exchange an item, the store will consider that a brand new purchase not done through Ebates, so you won’t be able to earn cash back.

Getting Your Cash Back

As long as you have earned more than $5.01, you will receive a cash back payment every 3 months in February, May, August, and November. If you have earned less than $5.01, your earnings will be carried over to the next check.

You can have the check mailed to you or directly deposited into your PayPal account. You can also have the check mailed to a charity or a family member, if you choose. Simply make sure to set up your account to reflect how you want your earnings paid out.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Ebates " is 2.61 out of 5 based on 158 reviews.
  • What i don't like is how they have access to my account ,not talking about shopping ,but to your emails ,banking ,PayPal account August 18 -2019 they logged into my account and iwa not on any website for shopping or on theirs . Why would they log into my account , to read my personal information and emails ,once they log into your account they can read all your information them pennies on dollar is not worth them accessing my account . or your account , Ebates and Rakuten are the same . they got privacy problem with people ,they have no right to access your account . only if you are on a shopping website but they go further .

    Ebates was granted access to your linked Google Account


    If you did not grant access, you should check this activity and secure your account.
  • I have been using Ebates for just a couples months and I order a lot online. I hate going shopping in stores and I found out years ago that it saves me money to order online from stores than to go into a store. I order from Walmart, Walgreens, Ebay, Lucky Vitamins etc and all the things I order are things I need. In just a few months I have made over $80 from just ordering through Ebates when I order. I have not had any trouble and they have credited me on time with ever order placed and every Friend Referral I made. So I just ordered some blocks online from Lowes that if I had bought them in the store they would have cost me $1.38 each but online they were priced at $1.00 each so a lot of times the same item online is cheaper than in the store so I saved there then I got $4.95 cash back credit for my next Big Fat Check in November. So how is that a scam. I love making saving money by ordering online, getting it delivered free to my home then getting cash back for ordering it through Ebates. Your are crazy if you don't use Ebates for any orders you are placing online!!
  • I seldom use Ebates because I'm not a habitual shopper but the few times that I have used them, my rebate checks were always on time.

    Sadly, the one time I didn't receive a check, I was peppered with inquisitions that seemed almost like my integrity was in question.

    My last correspondence from Ebates was to forward the validity of the rebate check that was owed to me. At this writing I have had "zero" response.

    The amount is very negligible, < $20. So in terms of any suspicions of cheating, They could've simply checked my account to verify the rebate amount and when it was mailed out.

    This is disappointing to say the least and not the reassurance I was hoping for from a reputable company.
  • My God!

    How stupid does someone have to be to think this is anything other than a phony way to get someone to spend money they wouldn't otherwise spend.

    It's like trying to convince someone they can actually SAVE money by donating to charity.

    You NEVER get back as much as you spend or donate so you are actually merely buying something at a discount PERIOD.

    I already shop around and buy things at the BEST price I can get so there is no way my SPLITTING that savings with some website will actually SAVE me money and to think you are getting PAID to shop is asinine.
    • Sorry for all the errors in spelling and auto correct that change things around to make no since. I'm sure you can figure it out though.
    • Yeah or you could say it's a way to get people to buy something from places Ebates gets kick bscks from that are far greater than what ebates gives you. So instead of using eBay to buy say... a coach purse that somone is selling for $50 you use Macy's to buy that same purse from them for $500 and a congrats here it's your ebates reward of $15 when you could have saved $435 if you didn't use ebates hand picked pocket drainers asking maximum prices for things. No matter what you buy using ebates you can find it somewhere else not affiliated with ebates at insanely cheaper priced that makes Ebates rebates seem like a kick to your nuts than a deal. If you want a deal skip ebates and search yhem out for yourself. Deals are everywhere as Ebates uses the most expensive options while dangling a bag of pennies in your face as a reward and saying thank you for spending $500 to gain a 3% rebate on this trinket you could have bought elsewhere for a 90% discount and ebates left holding an empty bag and you having the entire bag yourself without sharing it with them for nothing more than pouting you to the most expensive places to buy stuff.
  • See my response to another poster below.

    These people never seem to manage to get legitimate CB applied to your account. I buy a good bit of stuff on eBay, and my eBay bucks total for a 3 month period was over 20x my Ebates total. Legit categories, always clicking through ebates for purchase / payment. Never shows up.

    Actively looking for an HONEST Cashback site. Don't trust Ebates anymore.
    • THank you for the information, i t, ried to get on ebates tonight i had my suspicions about it , but , i thought i would try it anyway in other words if you buy something for $50.00 you get back about $10.00 no thanks ,sounds like a scam to me. those ads on t.v. are mislieading and i think they are paid actors.i also think they practice age discrimination whish is illegal
  • If you go through Ebates and look at carnival cruises the costs are almost doubled. If I book through expedia directly I save almost 50%. I emailed ebates and they blame expedia saying that they are the ones who raised the costs and some discounts don't apply. If I book directly through Expedia they are the same as carnival is advertising. No other sites are charging these crazy prices.
  • Constantly had to email requesting amounts. Then deleted my account without giving me a valid reason (violated their cash back rules?!??) despite many emails and unclear responses. Cheap! Poor customer service! Rude responses! Impossible to contact! Too many hoops to jump through! Unprofessional! Untrustworthy! Just a few of my thoughts of my terrible experience, don't waste your time!! They might just take away your balance that you earned... just like they did for me!!
    • They constantly "forget" to apply cb to your account. Follow all the rules, click through their site (to ebay in my latest case), make a purchase in an *approved* category, wait for my ebates balance to increase and...nothing.

      Fatwallet was running the same scam before they were bought by ebates. Neither outfit is reputable. They pocket referral fees and you get next to nothing.

      Avoid. Find any other CB site.
  • This ebates is a scam, i am so mad, i shop with ebates for 1 month and i have almost $130 cash back ,but they did not pay me,instead they deactivate my account so they can't pay me. I won't use this ebates anymore.
  • I have found using Ebates to be both unreliable and frustrating. They virtually make it so a shopper must jump through hoops to get their SMALL rewards. (Additionally, they do not reward on S/H or taxes paid). More often than not, the discount doesn't show up and I have to call and dinker with them over an amount equal to that of pennies or nickels. I've also noticed that since they seem to be getting more popular, that they seem to be making it more difficult and for smaller amounts, as well. Also, trying to speak with a supervisor is virtually impossible. My most recent experience today was that I noticed whatever small amount I had built up suddenly disappeared, and upon calling, I was told that I would have to dig up all past email purchase confirmations of my online purchases for the last six months if I wanted them to even begin to look into this so as that I might reclaim the .27 cents that was revoked from my account...(even though I had already been granted that amount by them before they decided to take it back). LUDACRIS!! And of course, the final say would be up to them whether they would choose to honor reissuing this small reward amount. (All this to prove that .27 cents had been mysteriously removed from my account.) What a waste of time scam this is. DON'T JOIN!!
  • The idea of free cash back money is an age old concept. What a better deal right? WRONG. Ebates tempts you with this all too good to be true idea and honors it initially. However, their faulty application (which 99% of their community uses) sporadically tracks purchases, and often doesn't provide any actual cash back crediting to your account. Within the first couple months, customer service will honor these transactions if an inquiry is submitted; but, beyond that they will essentially tell you to take a hike. Customers are told they are using the application incorrectly, purchasing in categories that don't offer cash back, they lost connectivity during the session, or that the purchase was completed outside of the app. The truth behind this is that Ebates doesn't know why their tracking software doesn't function properly. Of course, they will never admit this to the customer, instead they will insinuate the consumer is lying, or too ignorant to utilize their program. Even with submitted proof and a formal apology for unprofessional-ism, they still manage to follow up with a snarky email stating that they are no longer going to be making exceptions. I don't feel this company is at risk of scamming anyone, but ultimately it is a waste of time. Remember, they are a COMPANY, they don't give away money for free. Their revenue comes from incentives offered by the companies they offer rebates for. There is ZERO accountability that the incentives they receive are ACTUALLY PASSED TO THE CONSUMER!!! So they can put out an application that doesnt function properly, offer poor accusatory customer service, and simply deny the consumer the funds they have earned. BEWARE - Don't allow this company to remain in business to essentially fraudulently collect incentives for increasing traffic under false, undelivered promises to you the consumer.
    • GTK, I'm brand new so I'll take my newcomer checks for the upcoming few months, then return to my lucrative credit cards rewards programs which pay less than ebates with regard to promised percentages paid out, using my credit cards for everything pays off -as long as I keep current and pay my statements in full every month. Sometimes I'll accrue rewards points and use them to pay a portion of my statement that month. At this moment, I have accrued approx. $400 in rewards dollars which are ready to used. At certain times of year the rewards have promotions which pay twice in rewards than what their actual worth are at that point in time if used to buy gift cards or used towards purchases w/their affiliates. I suspected that ebates was too good to be true (nutthin is free, ever) and/or sustainable, and I'm glad that I've read these reviews. Thank you to those who have contributed reviews based upon actual experiences.
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