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Is the eHome Profit Kit Legit or a Scam?

eHome Profit SystemThe eHome Profit System, or eHome Profit Kit, is a new work at home program available online. Created by Jason Hall, but also associated with spokespeople Brian Bailey and Michelle Matthews, the eHome Profit System is promoted as a 100% proven, guaranteed way for anyone, regardless of education or experience, to make money from home using the internet.

Hall says that the eHome Profit Kit program is so simple and easy a 5th grader could use the program and be making profits overnight.  Jason Hall claims that eHome Profit Kit is a “plug and play, business in a bag” – completely automated, requiring not even “a single idea of your own.”

In addition Hall says that with the eHome Profit System, you could be making $50,000 a month from a 5 hour work week.  Usually this program sells for $197, but for a limited time Hall is selling it for $97.

What’s the Problem with eHome Profit System?

To begin with, the spokespeople used to rep this program – Jason Hall (Home Cash Flow Solution), Brian Bailey (Home Revenue System), and Michelle Mathews (Home Online Jobs) – are all associated with other work at home programs, each with a notorious and predominantly negative reputation.

Truth be told, this doesn’t actually mean much.  These “spokespeople” could be completely made up personas for each of the companies they represent, and these particular names could have just been snagged from eHome Profit System for web recognition.  However, it’s still necessary to point out that these three individuals are associated with work at home programs that have long laundry lists of complaints.

Also, the sales page at goes into pretty great detail about what this business opportunity isn’t, but they never actually say what you’ll be doing.  While you know what it’s not – an MLM business or a data entry scam – there is never any explanation of what it is.

And there is a lot of contradictory info on the site.  First, Jason Hall says you don’t need a fancy website, in fact, you don’t even need a website.  But then when he’s explaining to you what you are purchasing with your eHome Profit System one of the first things listed is a website.

Hall also says quite a bit about how you just need to follow the steps of the program to make “a King’s ransom,” but then says that he won’t guarantee earnings because it’s not his fault if you’re too lazy to do some typing every once in awhile.  However, if you read the fine print at the bottom of the page, you’ll see that “Less than 1% of members applying these principles achieve an annual salary greater than $50,000.”

Now, of course it’s ridiculous to expect someone selling a business opportunity to guarantee any sort of earnings potential.  It’s your business, and it’s what you make it.  However, Hall has gone to a whole lot of trouble to make you think you need to do absolutely nothing but what he tells you and you’ll be wealthy “within days.”  The fine print seems a lot more realistic.

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  • Michelle Matthews..... linked to the shocking Shannon Matthew fake abduction case....stay clear
  • Oh Boy, my husband was watching the news one day and heard the piece about this company, work from home, they interviewed a mother that was claiming to make thousands of dollars per month. So my husband thought it would be legit since it was on the news. He's been wanting me to do something with my time during the day, so....without doing research he paid $97, he was given a number to call, It took me over a month to call so I finally did. I was given the number to home office. A male began to ask me many questions but never told me anything else about what I'd be doing. Before giving me anymore information he told me that the both the decision makers had to be interviewed and it would take an hour. Which I found very strange, It's a weeding out process for them to see who they could take advantage of...I set up a time to do a conference call for us, called and told my husband and he said: I just googled them and sounds like a scam...I googled as well and found this site. I'm going to try to get a refund of the $97 but guessing it's goning to be tough to do. Don't fall for this SCAM!! Now looking back, the questions where to see how desperate u where to begin and how far in debt u where. I'm guessing they wanted to see how stupid we were to see if they could sucker us for more money...I do have the home office number if anyone wants it....801-878-0089 good luck to anyone that wants to call and try to get a refund.

    E profit home office number 801-878-0089
  • I am receiving emails from my deceased daughter's email address with a link back to this company. What can I do?
  • Stay Away!!! This is a never ending upgrade/offer scenario. The only thing you really get is duped. I reported a fraud incidence to my credit card company. If someone is successful with this, it is in spite of the company, whose goal is to pilfer as much money from you as they can.
  • Yeph....I guess it's a scam...tried to leave this website link on the other "sounded promising" website and it tells me: Posting is getting checked out...hahahha..cuz they will only allow the postitive information that or there's no posting capability to start it with. That is soo wrong to do that. They should start investigating these companies!
  • July 26, 2011 @ 9:29pm (pacific time), CNN online report. I fell for it, purchased the (eHome Profit System)online course @ $29.95. Should have known better. First step, first day 7-27-11, (Register for phone support), called, got a recording, talked with no one, recording said leave my name and number, I'll get a return call, never did. Second day, sent them a no so happy email, got return email, and five phone calls from different people telling me how good the programs is, never got my questions answered, never got signed up for phone support. Third day haven't got a phone call, still don't have phone support, haven't made a dime, but they have $29.95 of my money, deducted from my visa/debit card immediately on 7-26-11.
  • I am going with the program.
  • glad i read this thought it would be a good investment- too many scammers out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is hard to know who to trust anymore. Good Luck To All!
  • I got duped into this but i called my bank they are going to cancel ehome which is called some other name when your bank looks at the transaction. They are going to cancel my debit card and resend me another one. So if you got scammed your bank will work with you and stop the payment and any other payments they try to take from your account. I should of known this was to good to be true and before i put my information in there i should of checked for scams and reviews but its getting fixed so thats good. Thanks for all the reviews that are posted.
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