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eMarketing Online System is a new work at home opportunity promoted by spokeswoman Kim Stevenson, which says that anyone can earn up to $379 a day with by posting links online.

Link posting is a form of affiliate marketing, where you post links online advertising the goods or services of another company, who you are affiliated with. If your link leads to a sale for that company, you are paid a commission.

For just $97.00 you can get access to their Wealth Certification Training program, which they claim is the only certified program in the world for teaching you how to post links online.

However, Reviewopedia has reviewed multiple other link posting programs that claim to have the “only” Wealth Certification Training program, and other programs can be priced as low as $49.95.

But before you pay for a training program, there is tons of free information available online about affiliate marketing and link posting that you can use to determine if this opportunity is right for you.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " eMarketing Online System " is 1.56 out of 5 based on 59 reviews.
  • I got scammed also. e-marketing on line system/ Premier Mentoring. In fact the guy was Christopher Freestone. All these promises, he didn't go over the fine print with me, just told me to sign electronically and stupid me, they took me for over $5000.00 bucks. Tried to get my money back and because of not going over the fine print with me I didn't cancel in time. missed it by 1 day. This was January of 2012. It's probably too late to even try again to get my money back. Anyone have any ideas?
  • Yes 24/7 email after email of how great your doing but nothing but empty promises and zero $$$.My fault but I'm mad as he@**!
  • Received an email from a friend's twitter account asking me to take a look. The time of day it was sent made it clear he did not send it but I stupidly opened the link. I am really hoping it doesn't start sending my contacts emails pretending to be me, however I did not input my info so I hope I have avoided that mess. The whole thing looked like a scam but thw funny part is good old ageless Theresa Andrews also lives in Ottawa, Canada. hahaha maybe she has a summer home up here? Joking of course, avoid anything online where people ask you to spend your money to make money. If you are desperate, get on clickbank and slave to building scamy sites and articles for some extra cash. :P
  • I was scammed. I received a Tweet from my daughter yesterday afternoon, but did not get a chance to look at it until late last night. The Tweet said she had heard about a "Home Income" program which was great and I should join, so I did immediately. I did not call her because it was 9.30pm and she has 2 little boys and her husband is away in Afghanistan. While filling pout the payment page I was a bit surprised at the amount of up-sells involved and wondered if my daughter knew about them, because she is aware of my financial problems.

    The page is set up as a newsletter page with lots of official looking buttons for "financial reports" "tech" "Economy" "Market News" and so on, so the average person would see it and think it was a real newsletter, with a lead story all about amazing things that have happened to an ordinary unemployed single mother who made it big with this "Home Income" program.

    I dropped in to see her this morning to talk about this wonderful program she had recommended in her Tweet, but she just gave me a blank look. She told me she had not used her Twitter account for well over 12 months, and she also advised me that her Twitter account must have been hacked for someone to be sending Tweets using her Username. How can this happen? My daughter told me that hacking Twitter accounts is very common and she knows of more than one person who has had to change their log-in details because their accounts have been hacked. Why is Twitter not doing something about all these account that have been hacked?

    I fully believe this Spencer Adler is somehow involved because when I google his name, hundreds of complaints about him came up and apparently he has operated under different names to scam people. I have been back to the page that was sent using my daughter's username, and nothing on that, very official looking, page works except the link to join the "Home Income" program. The whole page is a SCAM.

    I am contacting the Australian Federal Police to place a complaint against him for Fraud. I am absolutely disgusted that someone has stooped to those depths in order to sell a Disabled Pensioner a Scam product. I will not rest until that man is arrested. I have lost AU$106 on a program that offers nothing but hard work to even get it started, if it is actually real. There are so many up-sells that you need a few hundred dollars just to get started, and who can afford to pay for 2 years hosting for a website that the write-up said you did not need to make money in this program? I feel disgusted and ripped-off because I have lost so much money.
  • Wow just received a email from a friend 7 states away from me, I checked out the link and wonder wow could this be true! They went as far showing how a reported from a local news station interviewing a single mom with 3 kids and how much money she was making. I was almost hooked till I saw this web site. Thanks guys!
  • I did not. Fall for it. Very old saying ". If it sounds to good to be true. It probably is not" i feel bad for people that don't have the sence to check out this type of internet scaming. There must be some law against this sort of stuff?

    I am injured so i am unable to work for the time being. Thank god for my wife or i'd be starving! Bless her hart. &

    My hart goes out to ALL thows poor folkes that got sucked into it!!!! Is there any real home bace way to make real money? I am not looking to make due due just a few $. To me $ 20.00 to what ever would make a diference.

    God bless all of you. Tom.
  • These folks just took my money today. I fell for this scam. These folks have my credit card number and CCV. I will cancel my card tomorrow. If I can get my hands on these people yall wont have to worry about getting your money back. I work too hard for my money to have a low-life scammer just take my money. Then they called me from 8016765605.
  • So happy I dug a little deeper and found this site. I almost fell for it too until I went back to the site a couple days in a row and noticed that the testimonials are always the same but with todays date? (Strike one!) I read one from today but 8 hours in the future?(Strike two!) Also the image of her earnings is from 3 years ago? (Strike 3!)I really was hoping it was for real.
  • SCAM
    • This is a huge scam! I signed up last year and found out - cancelled my credit card so they couldn't put more charges on it. Do not get involved!
  • Was just going to sign up for the Online Income Access Certification Program-Ella Nelson-had someone check this out for me only to find out its a scam! I am so glad I checked into it before signing. Are there any honest Online Businesses out there?
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