Empower Authority Pro Reviews – Legit or Scam?

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The Empower Authority Pro, found online at EmpowerAuthorityPro.com, says they are “the internet authority on Empower Network success,” which is an existing network of online marketing tools and training.

According to their website, Shaqir Hussyin, an award winning direct response marketing consultant, has “finally” endorsed the Empower Network after one of his personal students made thousands of dollars using it.

New members of this marketing network have two different monthly programs they can choose from, and then a variety of other one time programs which offer much more advanced training.

What is the Empower Network?

Empower Network is described as a “ground breaking” marketing system which brings in 100% commissions that are paid “instantly.” Their system promises a wide range of necessary online marketing tools, including traffic, page views, top search results, a customizable blog, hosting, sales videos, capture pages, and auto responders.

Most of these tools are available in their $25 per month subscription, but more advanced tools and training are available in their $100 per month membership.

The $100 membership gives new content three times a week from a “marketing legend.” And if this is not enough, they offer a Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive course for a one time fee of $500, and courses which are even further advanced and expensive in cost.

What is Empower Authority Pro?

Empower Authority Pro is an affiliate of the Empower Network; they earn money whenever a new member uses their links to sign up for membership. The Empower Network has a large affiliate network, including well known others like EZ Money Formula and Pure Leverage.

Unfortunately, many of their claims – the free traffic, the millions of page views – are usually associated with scam opportunities that generate the appearance of these things through automated bots or create top notch search engine rankings through “black hat” marketing – illegal search engine optimization.

That being said, Empower Network has been around for a long time and has many vocal supporters in addition to their vocally unhappy customers. Since many of their partners make money through selling their memberships, it’s often very confusing to know where to place your trust.

If you are still interested in purchasing this program, make sure that you understand the cancelation and refund policies in the chance that you are unhappy with what you receive.

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