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Empower Network is a Multi-Level Marketing company who claims their first priority is to help your business become successful and show you that anyone can achieve personal success.

This company offers educational training, products, and other specialized services – from targeted marketing systems and potential customer databases to website hosting and maintenance – that are intended to help you build your business online and become an internet network marketer.

How Do They Work?

One of the main themes addressed throughout their marketing concept is generating a steady number of leads. Leads are the primary source to the path of success. In traditional lead generation, there are multiple ways to generate leads; building a network marketing system, contacting other sites to negotiate an advertising swap, making cold calls, and so on.

Empower Network, on the other hand, claims that for $25 a month, they will provide you with all of the necessary tools for successful lead generation without struggling with the traditional methods yourself. Instead, they will provide you with an “internet traffic system,” a structure that is optimized for marketing, full access to customer leads and database, and much more.

Empower Network also promotes using a decoy product to sell in combination with another product. Increase the price of one product and decrease the amount of another product, then sell them together as a package deal. It will make the products more desirable because the buyer will feel as if they got a great deal. They also suggest promoting your product, noting the limited availability of supply. This creates the urgency for the consumer to purchase the product before it is gone.

The Issues

To become an affiliate of Empower Network, the cost is $19.95/month. They have two monthly products to offer and other “one time” purchases which provide the necessities to develop your business.

The basic “Empower Network Viral Blogging System” costs $25.00/month and the “Inner Circle Membership” is $100/month. Their remaining three products range in price with the cheapest starting at $500 and going up from there. They are described as “optional” to your success.

The problem with Empower Network is similar to the problem with most companies that provide cookie cutter business and marketing systems to their customers, regardless of their skill level, background, or business goals: a company that promises they will do all the work for you while you get to make all the money is – as they say – too good to be true.

Either Empower Network is misleading their customers on the time and effort they will have to put in to be successful, or they are misleading their customers on the amount of money they will have to invest or that they will earn.

The biggest danger with these types of programs is you become totally reliant on them since your website, lead generation, and marketing platforms are all provided by this company for a monthly fee. If you decide you wish to leave, you must start over from scratch.

If you are still interested in this system and what it can do for you, it is important to do free research online regarding affiliate marketing before you commit to investing money in marketing systems.

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Average Rating for " Empower Network " is 1 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.
  • I was in Empower once, and it was the most complicated, confusing thing I have ever seen. It didn't make any sense at all. I was totally LOST. What was it that you were supposed to do to make the money? That is what I just simply could not figure out, and my sponsor was no help, he just simply ignored me.
  • It's a Really big cash cult that feeds some while bleeding the rest.
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