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EnrollApp.com is the online home of the Enroll App, a market research company which says that their goal is to use their research to help make the web a better place for all of its consumers and users.

Market research is one of the oldest ways to earn money online, and there are many different websites that ask customers to take surveys about their product preferences and experiences, as well as many different websites that ask people to view ads and provide detailed feedback.

The Enroll App is different from these, however. Instead of asking customers to take surveys or watch ads, their goal is to get feedback on website and mobile application design and functionality.

How Does It Work?

As most people are aware, so much of consumer experiences today are based on either website, mobile site, or mobile applications, and a company that offers a website that offers a poor experience for their customers will soon regret it.

The market research that you will participate in as a member of this app will be to answer questions about logos, clarification of content, or simply going through the steps to complete tasks to ensure that the planned interaction actually makes sense for their customers.

Their website says that for each task you complete, you will be provided with a pre-determined monetary compensation. The more tasks you complete for this website, the more opportunity you have to earn “badges” which will provide members with additional bonus compensation.

Is Enroll App Legit?

Generally speaking, when it comes to market research, as long as a company allows members to sign up for free and honors their payments to their active members, then they are considered a legitimate online market research company.

The Enroll App appears to fulfill both of these requirements, and in addition there are reviewers of this company who have said that their tasks and projects are more fun and interesting than the surveys they receive from traditional market research companies.

That being said, customers must remember that because these tasks are so small and easy to complete, they often only pay around 10 cents per test and the badge bonuses are estimated to be between 50 cents and one dollar. They do say that sometimes members will be asked to take longer tests which may pay up to as much as $2.00. Still, members will need to remember that this is just a supplementary earning opportunity, not a full time earning opportunity.

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