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The EPS Prosperity Hotline, found online at EPSProsperityHotline.com, says that they provide an opportunity for anyone to make a flexible, guaranteed income by “processing emails.”

According to their website, you can earn $25 for each email you “process.” It only takes a few minutes to process each email, and the company promises you will only be sending emails to people who have requested information – no spamming.

Getting started with this work opportunity requires a $25 membership fee and a Payza account, which is free to register for. You will also need to be able to work for at least a short period of time between the hours of 7 am and 10 am.

How It Works

Each day, you will post three prewritten ads on Craigslist in three different cities. The more you post, the better chance you have of earning money, so EPS Prosperity Hotline recommends opening more than one Craigslist account so you can post in additional cities.

Your email address will be linked to the ads. When people respond to the ads, it is your responsibility to send them an email with the information they have requested; in exchange, you will receive a $25 payment.

Beginners will receive step-by-step instructions, unlimited support, and an option to purchase a website like EPS Prosperity Hotline. The website says that you can expect to earn $100 and $800 in the beginning.

What to Look Out For

In general, the promise of being able to make hundreds of dollars a day with just a short time commitment is not something you should take seriously. Whenever taking on an independent business opportunity, you should expect to put in lots of time and effort to be successful.

You should also be careful about their offer of “a possibility” to purchase a website. You should expect that once you become a member, this will become a sales push that you should be prepared for.

In fact, you should carefully consider each and every additional monetary investment from EPS Prosperity Hotline as their website makes it very clear that there is no option for refunds at any time.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " EPS Prosperity Hotline " is 2.83 out of 5 based on 12 reviews.
  • Who is this really working for? How do you pay your taxes?
  • Is there ANYONE willing to videochat me with info? im wanting to get started and then help one of my friends get started but I want to do it first so we arent both out $25. Ive already had someone send their link to me but i dont know if I can trust her to message me back after I sign up. (i made that mistake before)

    HELP!! email me at [email protected]

  • I bought this product in 2014 and tried my best to set it up. I don't how far I had set this up but to this day I have not receive Penny and kind of frustrated but would really like to know if my investment I did is still valid or terminated.


    John Koivi
    • Sane with me I joined 2017 till now no one has called me but am still looking forward to see how I can earn the cash haha I only joined with 20.85p so I guess they must be scam
  • Most people wouldn’t know a scam if it hit ’em in the crack of their ass. That being said, sorry for those of you who got taken to the cleaners.
  • What do I need to do to get my link to open.... anyone have any suggestions I see other people got their link to open and are making money or not happy about it so I'm assuming it.... so I would like a little help on how to get my link to open if anybody could help me please
  • I am curious- have read the variety of comments. I don't mind working and am clear that their is no magic in this... Is it just posting this ad then re-posting again, or is it processing orders of/from businesses that need outsourced help processing their business dealings? I don't want to waste the measly 25(in comparison to a work opportunity). A straight answer would be good now; not a bias one...
  • I am working this program right from home and having a great time with it. Average $75 daily. Not bad when I add up the minutes per day its about 30 minutes a day. My ads are set, I just "renew" them every 2 days (when the "renew" link shows up on my manage-my-ads page), start getting a lot of new replies to my hot ad, "Process their Email" request, and receive payments to my Paypal account. I then receive an email indicting that some one has placed and paid me for an order. Next, I "Process their Order" by "processing an email" with their purchase information, hence, Email Processing System. Now they can do the same as clearly promised, advertised, and offered in the ad --BAMM! Delivered. No Ifs, Ands, or Butts; Final Verdict: Not a Scam! A System that works. My wallet knows first hand. Thank You, and Blessings.
    • Are you still making money with this? I got sucked in and not sure what to do with it. Do i just post ads until someone responds?
    • i just bought this system yesterday, and i am having difficulty setting some of the factors up. i attempted to get some support though, i am not really getting it. anybody wanna give me a hand?
    • I had paid for this but the link they sent me I can't open so am I missing something
  • Beware people, any job that requires you to pay them to begin working should cause major alarms to go off.
    • Yeah, I'm with Beth: If you want to sell bikes or skateboards or cars, you have to buy the stuff first = spend money to make money.

      If you want to sell houses you have to buy education and licensing = spend money to make money.

      If you take a 9 to 5 job, you have to have gas, lunch, clothes, plus money to support yourself/household until you get your paycheck = spend money to make money.

      I understand getting scammed - you just have to think it through.
    • We are in the era of information, everything that you want to make money from you do so by acquiring that knowledge. how much does the information that you learn from any college or University costs again? I am sure they guarantee you to make money once you finish right...?
  • I bought from 2 people and I also bought the website and I'm getting screwed over someone please help me


    I want to know why my link is not working? I spent $60 and I'm getting screwed someone please email me and tell me what is going on

    [email protected]
  • I look at this way:

    1 - remember that we are not making promises that we can't keep - we promise to give you the tools to do the same thing we are doing in exchange for $25.

    2 - when you first respond to us, you haven't paid yet - we send you all the information you need to decide whether or not this is something you want to do Before you pay us.

    3 - when you pay us, you Prove that the system works

    4 - when you pay us, we do exactly what we promised, we give you the information you need to do the same thing.

    5 - as with anything, you get from this what you put into it - if you don't do anything with the information we gave you - that's on you.

    6 - if you don't do anything with the information we gave you - yer out $25. There are millions of other things out there that you can spend $25 on with nothing in return - cigarettes, beer, weed for a few. Once consumed, those things are gone. With this, you always have the information we gave you, and can start any time. There are lots of worse things for your money to go to.
    • Taxes:

      Lizz> here is your answer=>if i offer to deposit $200 in your account evry month; how will you do about taxes?

      I guess you're answered.
    • So if your making money with this, how do you do your taxes for it?
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