Evergreen Wealth Formula Reviews – Legit or Scam?

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Evergreen Wealth Formula, found online at EvergreenWealthFormula.com, is a new work from home program which promises people the ability automate your entire income and start generating sales today.

The creator of Evergreen Wealth Formula, James Scholes, promises his customers that they if they follow his course step-by-step, they will be able to earn money on sales the very same day they begin.

Their website says that normally this program is priced at $297 for new members, but they are currently running a promotion where people will be able to sign up for just $197 but will still receive access to all the same tools and resources.

How Does It Work?

Though the Evergreen website is not very clear about this, it appears that their program is simply another affiliate marketing training program, which means that members will be taught how to start marketing the products and services of others and earning commissions from their sales.

The Evergreen Wealth Formula website does admit to their potential customers that affiliate marketing can be a difficult business, but they also put a lot of time and emphasis on promising their new members that all the normal problems associated with affiliate marketing be taken care of by all their tools which will “automate” these practices for you.

Specifically their sales page addresses the issues of getting traffic to your website and then converting that traffic into sales. They say that they provide a traffic solution that will “end your traffic worries forever” and which can be scaled up whenever you need, but that they will also provide all the high quality content that is required to turn this traffic into actual sales.

In fact, they also promise their customers that their “Fast Traffic Methods” module will guarantee massive amounts of traffic to your website the very same day you use them, so you can feel comfortable making money the very same day.

The Red Flags

Unfortunately this company suffers from all the same red flags as thousands of other companies online which are selling affiliate marketing training materials, which is simply to say that they make promises they simply cannot deliver on and are essentially lying to their visitors in order to get them to purchase their program.

The truth is that affiliate marketing can be a profitable at-home business, but it is a business that does take work and dedication. Telling people that you will do everything for them, that their income will be “automated,” and that you can make all the traditional problems of affiliate marketing disappear is simply false. Period.

Now there are people online who say that this program actually does provide very decent educational materials and that people who are honestly willing to learn about – and work at – this type of opportunity may really be able to benefit from this program. But the bottom line is that this company grossly mispresents what they are able to provide for their customers, and people should consider this carefully before agreeing to do business with such a company.

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