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Exclusive Home Profits a.k.a Exclusive Training Profits is a new work at home opportunity from spokeswoman Melanie Davis, promoting link posting, which is a popular form of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is when you partner with a company or website to promote their goods or services in a variety of ways. With link posting, you provide a link to your partner company, and if a customer purchases something from your link, you receive a commission.

This is slightly different than how Exclusive Home Profits presents this opportunity, as they imply people will be paid for simply posting the links, and not for making sales. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Melanie Davis claims that Exclusive Home Profits provides the world’s only Wealth Development Education Certification, which is intended to train anyone to make up to $337.79 a day with link posting.

The course costs $97.95 for a limited time, as Davis warns that Exclusive Home Profits may have to raise their membership cost to $500.00. Those who purchase the program will also be given a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

However, the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee is conditional on whether or not you use their program for 30 days and fail to earn any money at all, which can be a frustrating refund policy.

Those who are interested in the link posting opportunity may first wish to look online at free resources and information before deciding to commit to a training program. Affiliate marketing is an independent business opportunity, and therefore does not require any certification.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Exclusive Home Profits " is 1.2 out of 5 based on 20 reviews.
  • You all should forward that email to the FTC at [email protected]
    • after you report spam you can call exclusive home products like i did at this # 888-201-0028. i talked to carlos yesterday there. i was still within my 30 days, never received a thing from them but they were tricky and out sourced me to a different school who charged us $10,850 and said they would absorb the 97.95 i already paid. no no no. so i called the above # and carlos said he would refund the 97.95. he said he didn't know anything about the other guy. sure!
  • I have read every statements i paid $97.then i paid $49.95 for the software.i have my own web site and i have not experience any of the things i read.if i have a question i get a respond within 48 hrs.well my computer is acting up so i cant check to see how much traffic and i need to finish with my web site.
  • Same as everyone else got an e mail from an old friend in LA with the link so I thought if she'd sent it to me it should be legit I'm in the uk but paid the $97 out of my bank account not visa credit so I dont think I'll get it back. Then 2 days later I got a phone call from a Madeleine in Utah saying I'd been chosen for a special educational programme were specialists would tutor me and fast track me to learn the programme and how much would I like to earn? But they wanted more money up to say $10,000!
    • yes, these companies are based in utah. i live in central oregon and there have been three cases around here that i know of. one was told to me from my accountant who just spoke to a woman who lost 5,000. just minutes before i called her. see my other replies on this page for more info that might help you, if it is the same companies i have dealt with.
  • I would suggest calling your credit card right away. Tell them this is a fraudulent charge. Your credit card company should then call them and have a three way conversation. Tell them this is a scam and you want your refund. I did this today and it worked. I have a visa chase and chase was very helpful..
  • Last week I also received the company's link that came from one of my best friends email address. I read everything and I thought it would be an opportunity to start working from home. Unfortunately it was a scam. When you purchase the training package there is a warning saying if in 2 hours you do not get an email with the login to access their web page, you should send them an email which address is also mentions on the purchase confirmation. Of course the 2 hours passed,I sent the email and naturally the message was not possible to be delivered. It is sad. I lost my 97.95 bucks and have not way to get it back because I paid with my debit card. I do not know where the company is.
    • i also got into that same position on april 9,2012 by a company called Exclusive home profits. their phone # is 888-201-0028. i talked to carlos yesterday. i told him i never received anything from them, not even an email. which is true. they told me to wait for a call from their eligibility councilor when i signed up.he did call and asked alot of question to see how eager and financially capable of going to the next step we were. we did and then was directed to the closing councilor (salesman) who said he was with the powerseller college tech. i researched through bbb and showed A+++ qualifications. he charged us with a one time offer to join costing us $10,850. He said now or never which i should have seen a red flag. he wouldn't even let us have time to pray about this decision. he promised a lot of things would be included such as help with an LLC license. the help came from another phone call from a man who worked as outsourced salesman to get us an unlimited liability corporation for $4803. we said we have no money until we make money as promised and i thought this would be included in the $10,850. So now i'm guessing there will be other fees to come. i'm looking for more help too. i'm still within the 60 day period to call my credit card co. and let them know i've been scammed. hope that telephone # helps people. this last person is based out of Utah. that is the powerseller college tech and they are also affiliated with pro-mentoring group, also out of west jordan, utah. Oh, besides the $10,850.00 they want to charge me $34.00 a month for something (i don't remember at this moment). thanks for listening.
    • Sorry that you were ripped off. I experienced something like that with a little scam called "Cash Flow for Life" but they make it appear so legit... it is complicated! I lost close to $600.00 on monthly online support newslatter that i didn't want and never received. They refused to return my money because they say thay had me taped (without my permission, at least not that I am aware off), and they claim that I say YES to a 30-day trial, and that I never called their toll free number to cancel (they say it sooo fast and at a time when the phone connection kinda fails). Live and learn!
  • I realized within a hour I was scammed and contacted visa. They removed the charge and said. If it ever shows up to call back. I advise any and everyone to work through their credit card company. Good luck to everyone in retrieving your stolen money.
  • Can anyone get a city and address??? Can they be sued? I think what they are doing is fraudulent and criminal...Is anybody going after them??? Obviously they are hacking peoples stuff...
  • SCAM.

    Had questions which I emailed about and called. Phone kept ringing and email came back as "failed". Thought my best friend sent the email and I was wrong. Do not fall for it!!
  • Scam!!! I just fell for the crap...Must avoid!
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