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The Experts Academy is a new online business training program from internet entrepreneur Brendon Burchard, who claims that anyone can use his successful formula to create a successful business.

According to the website,, Brendon will not only give his customers access to his own training videos and advice, but also the advice and guidance of many other online business experts.

Their website says that the promotional strategies shared in this program have helped Brendon himself earn more than four million dollars in less than two years.

How It Works

Through their videos and seminars, the Experts Academy will try to lead their customers through the creative process that will lead to them creating their own product, using their own knowledge and interests.

Once you have decided on an idea for a product, the Academy will take you through bringing the product to life, centering a business around it, marketing it, and making optimal profits from it.

The website says that they will bring in the world’s “highest paid authors, speakers, coaches, marketers, and online thought leaders” to share with you the exact strategies they have used for their own success.

What to Consider

Unlike some other money making training programs you can find online, this training program is not about creating a supplemental stream of income, but rather creating a full-fledged business, which is not what everyone wants.

In addition, the full seminar system costs more than $2,000, and will have many other additional costs associated with it, like any full service business would. But, Brendon Burchard doesn’t expect people to just pull out their checkbook.

He does provide an introductory video that is almost a full hour in length that explains the basics of this program, and he has also authored a full length book called The Millionaire Messenger which goes into even further detail about the strategies offered in the Experts Academy training program.

Customers who are considering investing in the full, expensive training program should consider first watching the free video and reading the book so they have a better idea of what they are getting into.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Experts Academy Reviews " is 3 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.
  • Last night, I had a terrible, unpleasant experience with productivity guru, Brendon Burchard.

    On January 29th, he sent out an email saying - You all loved transformation week so much that we’ve decided to share my ENTIRE Wellness Master Class with you at NO COST over the next 10 days. I’m sharing the ENTIRE course via my podcast as well as via video on this page. But fair warning: Each episode is only up for 72 hours, so enjoy it now.

    Fast forward to yesterday, no new email sent out about Day 3, it was still locked, no Day 3 on the podcast! As I researched further into it, I found out that he shared a broken link to the class (because you had to sign up within 48 hours - if you miss out on the window of time, you have to pay $99 for the class) and he wanted to make sure that people missed that window of opportunity. One person said that it worked if they clicked “Back To Home” and when someone complained, he shared a 2nd link and there was a third, link, when people still didn’t have access to Day 3. People thought they signed up, but it didn’t take. I called them out on it and last night, the link was fixed within 15 minutes, and the podcasts are up this morning, after I told them I was contacting the attorney general. Last night I took a photo at 8:23 and only Day 1 and 2 were up. And 9:42 they deleted Day 1. I got an email in between those times at 8:29, referring me to another website. They completely blew me off. At 9:38 I told them I was contacting the attorney general, which is why by 9:42 they had deleted Day 1 and fixed the broken link. They could have gotten away with passing the buck to the other website, but that didn’t explain the podcasts not being up, as promised. Then later they hid one of my comments and then when I called them out on it they unhid it. And then after a while I was unable to tag the people I was communicating with, exposing his scheme.

    These slimy business practices are all too common with people like this.

    And the most tragic thing to me is that they can say great things, but once they do something slimy, it loses its power.
    • Uhh no. Just no. I had the same experience, and the customer service sent me the videos no questions asked.

      I also had no issues. I have plenty of friends I have met through going to his events and such. None of us had any issues. The question is why play the victim here and blame someone else? Have you ACTUALLY SIGNED UP for any of his COURSES AND TRIED THEM? I have, and I HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE. it's the reason I started my own business. IT'S A KNOWN FACT that in business, ONCE IT'S GONE, IT'S GONE. SALE PRICES DO NOT LAST, nor do online specials.

      In this case, I think that your complain is legit, but at the same point, you need to contact customer service to get access, and you should've done so right away. As stated, I had NO issues at all with getting those podcasts and videos...
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