Extreme Profits System Reviews – Legit or Scam?

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Extreme Profits System, found online at Extreme-Profits.co, is a website that says they can offer their customers a way to trade and invest money which will result in profits of between $1500 and $6000 per day, “like clockwork.”

The video presentation available on their website goes into significant detail about how this investment system will take no effort from you whatsoever; all the money you earn from this program will be earned while you “eat at the best restaurants” and “spend time at your vacation home.”

The Extreme Profits System gives people with no experience or knowledge of trading a way to earn money by investing in the binary options system, using both a platform of their choice and their specially designed investment software.

How Does Extreme Profits System Work?

The investment and trading strategy being promoted by this website is binary options trading, which is a type of trading which requires you to choose a particular stock and decided whether you believe the value of the stock will either rise or fall during a period of time – generally in just 60 seconds.

The promise of the Extreme Profits System software is that users will not need to conduct their own research to determine whether they believe a stock will Call or Put. Instead, the software will follow the leading and most profitable investors.

Once these investors have made their choices about the movements in the value of the stock, the software will automatically place the same call and invest for you, so you can successfully piggyback on the success of experienced traders.

The Problem

The main problem with this system is that they are making the same claims and promises that are being made by many, many other investment software programs. In fact, this may be the most common and popular type of investment software being sold on the market today.

And though the presentation promises that this software will be provided “at no cost to you,” the reality is that using this system requires you to deposit money into a new account at the investment platform that they choose – generally in the amount of around $250. Extreme Profits System is then given money from the investment platform they have chosen, which ultimately means that they are paid for your choice to use this software.

The truth is that this software is not unique or innovative, and it also doesn’t “guarantee” you earning anywhere near to what their website claims. As with any investment opportunity, there is a great chance that you will lose money rather than make any.

In addition, the fine print of this website states that their software may actually be illegal to use in some countries, meaning that you could be breaking the law by using it. The website takes no responsibility in telling you whether or not this program is legal in your country, instead leaving it up to you to find out on your own whether or not you are breaking the law by using your system.

Customers should probably just avoid this system all together, and do their own research to educate themselves on binary options trading so they can make their own money and not risk breaking any laws.

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  • This is a big SCAM. I joined extreme profit in Nov. last year and haven't made one dime. Do not believe any thing they tell you. They will tell you that they are making money, but they can't prove it. I hope that someone sees this review and will not join them.
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