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The EZ Money Method is a work at home business opportunity that claims to be able to make people up to $4800 a day in income, all while providing free training.

Adam Whiting, the creator of the EZ Money Method, claims that his work at home opportunity does not require you to “sell,” cold call, or take payments over the phone. Your business will be conducted entirely online.

EZMoneyMethod.com says that earning money with their system is easy because they offer a product people buy every day. And the best part of this system is that the step-by-step training you will receive, along with the business tools, resources, and even a website, are free to you.

What is the Business Opportunity?

The EZ Money Method is actually a system that signs you up to be an affiliate marketer for a particular program, called MyPCBackup. MyPCBackup is a downloadable program that you can subscribe to for the purposes of automatically backing up your computer files.

As an affiliate of the MyPCBackup system, you would be encouraging other people to sign up for their services, using internet based tools like a website, email, and autoresponder messages. And for every successful subscriber, you will earn $50.

But in order to earn the $50 per referral rate, you must become an upgraded customer of MyPCBackup yourself, but the EZ Money Method promises that it’s an affordable product at under $10 a month, and is necessary for you to become familiar with the system and answer your customers’ questions.

Things to Consider

Since the EZ Money Method requires you to subscribe to MyPCBackup, it’s not exactly a “free” program, as they promise. In addition, the earnings claims they make – that the average person can earn $150-$500 a day with only one hour of work – are pretty extravagant.

But perhaps the biggest issue to consider is that when a business opportunity offers to provide you with a “free website,” there are always issues you need to be aware of.

First, that same exact free website will be provided to everyone who signs up with EZ Money Method, and any experienced affiliate marketer will tell you that is very important to your success to be able to differentiate yourself from your competition, which you will be unable to do.

And second, “free websites” do not belong to you; they belong to the company who provides it to you. So if you invest money in advertising your site and then decide you want to do something different, you will lose your site and all the outside work you’ve done promoting it.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " EZ Money Method " is 2.86 out of 5 based on 7 reviews.
  • How can I cancel this program?
  • I want to know if this is real
  • I was going to try working at home and inquired about the product. I started reading comments made online and decided this was not for me. I now receive text messages on a daily basis encouragingly to sign up with them. I use the opt out option and request to be removed from their contact list. My first request for removal was 4onths ago and everyday I receive another text message from them. this is very frustrating especially after I have requested to opt out from every text message that they have sent regardless which area code the message was generated from. I don't know what else I can do to stop these annoying text messages. if anyone has any ideas please let me know.
  • Yes this is Jon Jones and yes I'm here for the EZMoney methodcom system today give me a call back at 301-915-7273 thank you
  • A scam.
  • Not sure what the issue is, the program is real, the product is real, and they pay. Not sure where they said it would be free either. That or maybe you mean they are saying it's a free system. Technically it is, the product you pay for, the cheap monthly cost pc back up is an actual product. To do the program itself is free, in other words, you do not pay to be a rep, marketer, agent to resell it. As far as "posting" Sandy, you can't expect to post free classifieds and get results. Takes more than that. Also being a poor marketer at something doesn't make the program itself a scam, it just means you can't market well. Sites like this are scams if you ask me by using another good programs name to drive traffic to their own site, thus the "links" above this sites owner put to get you to click on to what they are pushing.....
  • Ive been with them 4 a year and posting and work my butt off! yeah dont go with this system unless you know millions of people who will sign under you for the hell of it!
  • They say you can "Contact" them but no email address??? and yes what about the other countries?
  • I have done all the steps but cant get back in to continue have to listen to 20 minute speech to get back in to log on then it is hit and miss.Ican not get any farther dont know how to get any farther please help
  • And this ez money method is for only six countries , US , Canada, UK , Australia , Newzeland and Ireland
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