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Is TheSecretOnlineIncome.com Legit or a Scam?

EZ Money SystemThe EZ Money System, available at TheSecretOnlineIncome.com, is a new home business start up kit.  The EZ Money System claims that, with little to no experience necessary, you can quickly and easily use this business kit to begin making money from home.  With only basic typing and internet skills, the EZ Money System promises to let you be your own boss, with your own schedule and own source of income.

Normally, the EZ Money System sells for $39.99 normally, but currently TheSecretOnlineIncome.com is allowing a trial introductory period for $2.97.  For this fee of $2.97, you get access to the EZ Money System website, to look at the system for yourself.

So is the EZ Money System a Scam?

Well, it’s hard to say whether the EZ Money System is a scam, because at no point in time on their website do they even tell you what the EZ Money System is.  Apparently, it’s one of a thousand systems that people are using to make money on the internet these days, but you don’t know if it is affiliate marketing, sales, multi level marketing, ad posting, mystery shopping, auction listing…  The list goes on and on.

The EZ Money System is set up so that you must give TheSecretOnlineIncome.com your credit card number and allow them to charge you money before you can even see what their business is.  Can you even imagine heading into an interview room and accepting a job from a company with no idea what your responsibilities will be, no idea what type of work you’ll be doing, or what your pay might be?

In addition, giving your credit card number to a company that refuses to tell what line of business they’re selling you is not the best idea.  If you read the fine print at the bottom of the order form, you’ll see that the $2.97 charge buys you a 7 day trial, after which you are charged $64.87.

You will be charged $64.87 repeatedly ever 30 days, for… what.  I’m not sure exactly.  Since you have no idea what you’re supposed to be getting for your money, it’s hard to know whether that $64.87 is worth it.  Though I would venture to say, No, it’s not.  If it were, they would tell you what you were getting.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • I have some how gotten on EZ moneys email list. I literally get dozens of emails a day "inviting" me to join their team. The sending emails are spoofed so you cannot reply to them. When I went to the web site and put in the password they provided me, the website didn't do much in the way of explaining what exactly you would be doing. So, here is and invite from a fake email address, that takes you to a business site that does nothing to explain what EZ money really is or does and you have to pay for a 7 day trial and then be charged $65 monthly for who knows what. I suspect that this is how they actually make money. Smells like a SCAM to me
  • Total Scam paid $9 to enter then said it will take months and offered me 15 other domains for the NINJA Status then paid $197 for advanced service in 15 mins. Went on website my virus protection shut the site down had a Trojan virus, immediately called my credit card and shut the card down but they got my money before I could stop them. THAT WAS MY XMAS MONEY FOR MY KIDS= TRYING TO MAKE A NEW BUSINESS TOTAL SCAM EZMONEY IS THE WORST.
  • Basically it is a multi-level marketing scheme to sell Motor Club of America memberships. To be honest in some ways it offers better benefits than AAA or Allstate. However the way it is marketed and promoted is very deceptive to say the least. I would advise people to simply go to Motor Club of America and look at their website that is seeking associates. I do think you could promote and market MCA memberships upfront without the flim-flam of EZ money printer. Motor Club of America ia a brick and mortar business in existence since 1926. When looking at any so called opportunity: Remember there are only three things people want: A Product, A Service or Information. If the offer doesn't fall into one of those 3 categories; you are going to be promoting a scam. Caveat Emptor
  • Its a SCAM.. If anybody has heard about Kevin Trudeau the infomercial king, who sells stuff that in the end you can findout for yourselves. Its the same concept but through the internet.
  • Glad that I checked before getting into bank and credit card part. I wanted help my hard working husband while I stay home with my kids. The site do look legit, though...
  • I've been looking and wondering About ez money method. Glad I researched it before I comitted to it. It seems like a piramid scheme, you get in and have to get another poor soul in to cover your next monthly fee but if you already have bills eating at you why would you get into more debt? and then again I could be wrong, only way to know is to go through it! Good thing my credit card's maxed out, I'll just pay it the old fashion way, Hard work and sweat!
  • This site is a total scam you only see positive messages as it will not allow negative. The people are fake the cheques are fake.
  • It peaked my interest because it said Google was hiring. I don't think that Google needs to advertise jobs this way and did you see the two completely different Melissa Johnson photos that work from home every morning? lol I love internet and lazy people :)
  • I paid $1.95 for a ez stay at home income business kit that said was for a google job. I used my bank card to pay. It processed my information and sent me to a blank page that stayed so long that it expired so I had to try to get back to where I was but it just sends me to a login page with a user name and password that it didn't give me because it expired. Now I can't log in and can't find any information as to how to get a new password so now they have my personal information, card number and I have nothing. First time I ever tried anything like this and got took...so many people making money off poor people trying to find a job.. I was stupid for trying this but it sounded legitimate, from google..Don't trust it!!!
  • i want to know what i do on this "amazing" site? What do i do to make money? how dose it work? how many hours everyday do i need to be on it? what is the small print? who is running it?what country is it from?

    Is it a scam or not? If someone could tell me at least some of this info i would love to know!!

    thank you
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