Stay At Home Income Reviews – Legit or Scam?

EZ Stay At Home IncomeThe Stay At Home Income system is a new work at home opportunity from Judy Wilson.  Wilson claims that with her income system, anyone, regardless of education or experience, can earn up to $329 a day, guaranteed, simply posting links for major corporations.

The posting links opportunity has been around for a long time.  The idea is that you get paid to post an ad which links customers to items they can buy.  Wilson says you can be paid $15 per link, and for an affordable sign up fee of only $49.95, you too can be well on your way to financial freedom.

But how does the Stay At Home Income system differ, if at all, from other previous work at home opportunities that we’ve seen? How do you know whether or not an internet business opportunity is trustworthy?

What to Look For When Deciding Whether An Opportunity is Trustworthy

Beginning at the very top of the sales page, there are actually multiple ways to tell whether or not you can trust a work at home opportunity.  The first is that the top banner announces that there are only 2 positions left in your area.  This is a warning sign.  The Stay At Home Income page is treating this work at home opportunity as though it is a job or program that you must apply for.  This is misleading, as this is a business opportunity and anyone who is willing to pay the fee will be “accepted.”

In fact, if you looked at this sales page every day for the next week, the top banner will still announce 2 remaining positions.  Sales pages do this because they want to create a sense of urgency in their customers.  If you believe that you may miss out on this opportunity, then you are more likely to buy first and ask questions later.

Finally, if you research the actual opportunity that is being presented – being paid to post links – you’ll see that this is also misleading. When you post links, which is a form of affiliate marketing, you are not paid to simply post the link.  Instead, you are paid a commission when a customer who has clicked your link chooses to purchase the item you linked to.  In addition, you must pay to post each link, so not only are you not guaranteed to make money, you may also lose money.

So is the Stay At Home Income a Legitimate Business Opportunity?

Well, beyond the problems mentioned above, the Stay At Home Income system actually has issues far more serious than the above warning signs.  Beginning with, but not limited to, the way it is advertised.

News Daily 7Many people come to this website,, from the News Daily 7 website, or other similar news website that has covered the story of a work at home mom, Kelly Richards, who has successfully used this program to turn her life around.

The problem here is that this news site, and others like it, are fake.  It’s just a system of advertising intended to make you think that this program is legitimate and trustworthy.  The site uses an IP tracker to specifically determine what location you are in, and then it formats the advertisement specific to your location.

This, actually, is the exact same fake news site and advertisement used to promote  Home Online Jobs, which is what this program used to be called.  This is the second major problem with Stay At Home Income – it is simply the new face of an old program that’s already been discredited.

EZ Stay At Home IncomeHome Online Jobs

As you can see, the sales pages are nearly identical.

This is a common tactic used by companies whose reputations have become negative and whose names have become associated with bad customer reviews and complaints.  They simply change their name, and in this case, the name of their spokesperson from Michele Mathews to Judy Wilson, and then they move on to new customers.

If you need to reach “Stay at Home Income” they have listed the following contact info: Search and Social, LLC 5940 S Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89118 (877)-355-7771 [email protected].

If you're at because you are looking for a way to make money online then check out our article "7 Ways to Make Money Online" - methods that anyone can use to earn an income from home.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • thank you for the information. I am looking for something to do at home. living in a amall town. less than 2000 No jobs for retired persons.

    Regards, Carol
  • Scam & dishonest !

    They some how hacked my iPad and used the email to spam everyone in my iPad contacts that had a email account. This rip off outfit is in Vegas and I'm here for a convention. Obviously they are scanning and intercepting passwords.
  • This is very disappointing to find out that this is a scam. I am glad I also googled Janet Rhodes before proceeding.

    I have been involved in questionable home based businesses before and had my hopes up that this might be a legitimate thing.

    My resolve from this experience is to begin doing an extensive research campaign and ask for help from people I trust including well known but reputable and legitimate successful home based and otherwise business owners for their guidance.

    I agree that most things out there are scams, but that does not mean that I should give up and stay stuck in the traditional rat race forever without ever really trying. Sure, we all get taken advantage of once in a while, but I feel it is imperative to keep your dream alive and continue to do your due diligence and research until you find what appeals to you. This is what I am going to do.

    It might not be easy to become prosperous, but it is possible, and it might be hard and take a lot of work and a long time, but it IS being done, so let's get to it and keep using these excellent review sites to help each other out to avoid future scams and then get back to work chasing our legitimate dreams.
  • thank you all i too almost fell for it this was a good one
  • I too got it from a "family member" and figured that she knew i was dissatisfied with my current job and was trying to find me something else. I have kept trying to exit out of the offer it would say ... Wait we will lower the price and offer it to me for less. Scammer are so abundant and everywhere! So glad i did not put our payment information online. Will be warning everyone too.
  • Thank you all we almost fell for this one, why is our system , our Government our World so discustingly corupt how evil can you get to scam anyone out of there hard earned money or just as bad tell someone they won money they did'nt for a fee what a joke if there was a judicial system in place by the people and for the people as there is supposed to be these people or company's would be behind bars where they belong. Why are they not tracked and prosicuted. By the time the money stops rollin in they have anotherscam in place, this is sad it's even more so when it's permitted.
  • I received an email from my mother with this link. Trusting my mom I looked into it. I put in my name, phone number and email address. Of course, there was one slot open. I saw the cost and started looking into it and found this page. Thank u for saving me from this scam. I looked at the details from my moms email and it came from [email protected]. Wish I'd seen that before I gave my information. I guess I'll b hacked next.
  • I thought the whole thing looked promising, but when i tried to explore the rest of the 'news' website, all the links led to the same advertisement, but with different prices, and that's what led me to google it, and i found this page. Also I thought further, and the link came from my brother, through yahoo messenger through facebook, and i never contact my brother through that, and he didn't even message me, THIS IS AN UNSAFE SCAM, DO NOT GIVE YOUR MONEY! I AM SOO GLAD I DIDNT!
  • heres more info on the vid these guys stole

    any one know to stop your self from sending spam out like this?
  • To the person that gave the five star ahahaha...The reason these things do work for those who put this forward is because there is a sucker born everyday and they know it all they do is look for it.
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